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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Cara Tomlinson: One to Other: Paintings, Objects, and DrawingsDobbins, Hamlett
20111028_clough-hanson_brochure_cara_tomlinson_thumbnail.jpg.jpg2011-10-28"Cara Tomlinson: One to Other: Paintings, Objects, and Drawings" Exhibition BrochureTomlinson, Cara; Dobbins, Hamlett
2014Chris Scarborough: Living on Cloud NineDobbins, Hamlett
20070302_clough-hanson_brochure_chris_scarborough_thumbnail.jpg.jpg2007-03-02"Chris Scarborough: Living on Cloud Nine" Exhibition BrochureScarborough, Chris; Dobbins, Hamlett
20080222_clough-hanson_brochure_joey_fauerso_thumbnail.jpg.jpg2008-02-22"Cling to Me: Joey Fauerso" Exhibition BrochureDobbins, Hamlett; Fauerso, Joey
20080222_clough-hanson_postcard_joey_fauerso_thumbnail.jpg.jpg2008-02-22"Cling to Me: Joey Fauerso" Exhibition PostcardFauerso, Joey; Dobbins, Hamlett
20090123_clough-hanson_brochure_john_tallman_thumbnail.jpg.jpg2009-01-23"Contingent Engagement: A Recent Painting" Exhibition BrochureTallman, John; Dobbins, Hamlett
20040227_clough-hanson_brochure_cynthia_thompson_thumbnail.jpg.jpg2004-02-27"Cynthia Thompson: Recumbent" Exhibition BrochureThompson, Cynthia; Dobbins, Hamlett
2015Demetrius Oliver: SiderealDobbins, Hamlett
20100917_clough-hanson_brochure_dianna_frid.jpg.jpg2010-09-17"Dianna Frid: Works on Paper 2008-2010" Exhibition BrochureFrid, Dianna; Dobbins, Hamlett
20080118_clough-hanson_brochure_jon_rappleye_thumbnail.jpg.jpg2008-01-18"In the Quiver of the Kingdom: Jon Rappleye" Exhibition BrochureRappleye, Jon; Dobbins, Hamlett
2015Jiha Moon: Day for NightDobbins, Hamlett
20110909_clough-hanson_brochure_jiha_moon_thumbnail.jpg.jpg2011-09-09"Jiha Moon: Day for Night"Exhibition BrochureMoon, Jiha; Dobbins, Hamlett
2015Jillian Conrad: the Solid Matter of a Celestial BodyDobbins, Hamlett
2015John Dilg: Sources in another WorldDobbins, Hamlett
20121026_clough-hanson_brochure_john_dilg_thumbnail.jpg.jpg2012-10-26"John Dilg: Sources in Another World" Exhibition BrochureDilg, John; Dobbins, Hamlett
2015John Tallman: Contingent Engagement: A Recent PaintingDobbins, Hamlett
2015Jon Haddock: Cartoon ViolenceDobbins, Hamlett
20040116_clough-hanson_brochure_jon_haddock_thumbnail.jpg.jpg2004-01-16"Jon Haddock: Cartoon Violence" Exhbition BrochureHaddock, Jon; Dobbins, Hamlett
2014Jon Rappleye: In the Quiver of the KingdomDobbins, Hamlett