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20001004_clough-hanson_catalog_10_pop_artists_on_paper_thumbnail.jpg.jpg2000-10-0410 Pop Artists on Paper Exhibition CatalogPacini, Marina; McCarthy, David; Troutt, William E.; Feldman, Kaywin
2001_fall_ART_150-01.pdf.jpg8/16/2001ART 150-01, Introduction to the Visual Arts, Fall 2001McCarthy, David
2003_sp_ART_150-01.pdf.jpg1/16/2003ART 150-01, Introduction to the Visual Arts, Spring 2003McCarthy, David
2013_spring_ART_152_23693.pdf.jpg1/9/2013ART 152-01, Survey of Contemporary Art, Spring 2013McCarthy, David
2006_fall_ART_232-01_17056.pdf.jpg8/18/2006ART 232-01, History of Western Art II, Fall 2006McCarthy, David
2006_spring_ART_232-01_20121.pdf.jpg2008-01-25T21:28:31ZART 232-01, History of Western Art II, Spring 2006McCarthy, David
2008_sp_ART_232-01.pdf.jpg2008-04-01T15:21:14ZART 232-01, History of Western Art II, Spring 2008McCarthy, David
Art 232 (McCarthy).pdf.jpg1/12/2011ART 232-01, History of Western Art II, Spring 2011McCarthy, David
2012_fall_ART_234-01_13669.pdf.jpg8/22/2012ART 234-01, American Art, Fall 2012McCarthy, David
2013_spring_ART_241_23697.pdf.jpg1/9/2013ART 241-01, Modern Art I, Spring 2013McCarthy, David
2006_spring_ART_334-01_20128.pdf.jpg1/12/2006ART 334-01, American Art, Spring 2006McCarthy, David
2011_spring_ART_341_21121_McCarthy.pdf.jpg1/12/2011ART 341-01, Modern Art I, Spring 2011McCarthy, David
2006_fall_ART_341-01_17057.pdf.jpg8/18/2006ART 341-01, Modern Art I: European Art 1760-1884, Fall 2006McCarthy, David
2008_sp_ART_341-01.pdf.jpg2008-04-01T15:24:49ZART 341-01, Modern Art I: European Art 1760-1884, Spring 2008McCarthy, David
2006_spring_ART_345-01_20129.pdf.jpg2006-01-12T20:36:53ZART 345-01, Contemporary Art, Spring 2006McCarthy, David
19950227_clough-hanson_program_dianne_hoffman_thumbnail.jpg.jpg1995-02-27"Diane Hoffman: Paintings 1992 - 1995" Exhibition BrochureHoffman, Diane; McCarthy, David
19960913_clough-hanson_catalog_lawrence_anthony_thumbnail.jpg.jpg1996-09-13Lawrence Anthony Retrospective Exhibition CatalogAnthony, Lawrence; Pacini, Marina; McCarthy, David
20010206_clough-hanson_program_michael_byron_thumbnail.jpg.jpg2001-02-06"Michael Byron: The Grisaille Series, 1997-2000" Exhibition BrochureByron, Michael; McCarthy, David
19971122_clough-hanson_program_tim_andrews_thumbnail.jpg.jpg1997-11-22"Tim Andrews: Glancing Back in the Mirror" Exhibition BrochureAndrews, Tim; McCarthy, David