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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015144 hoursDobbins, Hamlett
2015Almost GiddyDobbins, Hamlett
20010928_clough-hanson_program_almost_giddy_thumbnail.jpg.jpg28-Sep-2001"Almost Giddy: Optimisim in Contemporary Abstraction" Exhibition BrochureDobbins, Hamlett
20060901_clough-hanson_brochure_amy_pleasant_thumbnail.jpg.jpg1-Sep-2006"Amy Pleasant: You are Here" Exhibition BrochurePleasant, Amy; Dobbins, Hamlett
2003ART 101-01, Drawing, Spring 2003Dobbins, Hamlett
17-Apr-2008ART 101-01, Drawing, Spring 2004Dobbins, Hamlett
25-Jan-2008ART 101-02, Drawing, Fall 2005Dobbins, Hamlett
28-Jan-2008ART 101-02, Drawing, Fall 2006Dobbins, Hamlett
25-Aug-2010ART 101-02, Drawing, Fall 2010Dobbins, Hamlett
25-Jan-2008ART 101-02, Drawing, Spring 2006Dobbins, Hamlett
22-Aug-2012ART 101-02, Introduction to Drawing, Fall 2012Dobbins, Hamlett
2003ART 105-01, Painting, Spring 2003Dobbins, Hamlett
12-Jan-2011ART 105-01, Painting, Spring 2011Dobbins, Hamlett
9-Jan-2013ART 165-01, Art Today: A Critical Look at Artists and Exhibitions in 2013, Spring 2013Coonin, Victor; Dobbins, Hamlett
8-Apr-2008ART 166-01, 366-01, Alternative Media and Methods, Spring 2008Dobbins, Hamlett
12-Jan-2011ART 166-01, Topics in Studio Art, ART 366-01 Advanced Topics in Studio Art, Spring 2011Dobbins, Hamlett
16-Jan-2003ART 166-01, Topics in Studio Art, Spring 2003Dobbins, Hamlett
1-Apr-2008ART 166-02, Alternative Media and Methods, Spring 2008Dobbins, Hamlett
17-Apr-2008ART 166-366, Topics in Studio Art and Advanced Topics in Studio Art, Spring 2004Dobbins, Hamlett
17-Apr-2008ART 305-405, Painting, Fall 2002Dobbins, Hamlett