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2008_sp_HIST_200-01-02_28418.pdf.jpg2008-04-01T22:16:49ZHIST 200-01 and 02, The hHstorians's Craft, Spring 2008Garceau-Hagen, Dee
2007_fall_HIST_200-01_Garceau).pdf.jpg2007-08-22HIST 200-01, The Historian's Craft: Methods and Appraoches to Historical Investigation, Fall 2007Garceau-Hagen, Dee
2005_fall_HIST_205-03_10762.pdf.jpg2008-03-13T19:11:14ZHIST 205-03, Women in Nineteenth-CenturyAmerica, Fall 2005Garceau-Hagen, Dee
2007_sp_HIST_232-01.pdf.jpg2007-01-10HIST 232-01, The United States in the Nineteenth Century, Spring 2007Garceau-Hagen, Dee
2005_fall_HIST_232-02_10326.pdf.jpg2008-03-13T19:25:00ZHIST 232-02, United States in the Nineteenth Century, Fall 2005Garceau-Hagen, Dee
2009_fall_HIST_250-01_10233.pdf.jpg2009-08-26HIST 250-01, Gender in Nineteenth-Century America, Fall 2009Garceau-Hagen, Dee
2010_fall_HIST_300-01_11238.pdf.jpg2010-08-25HIST 300-01, The Historian's Craft, Fall 2010Garceau-Hagen, Dee
2005_fall_HIST_305-02_10338.pdf.jpg2008-03-13T20:06:30ZHIST 305-02, Edward S. Curtis and the American India, Fall 2005Garceau-Hagen, Dee
2010_fall_HIST_341-01_11246.pdf.jpg2010-08-25HIST 341-01, These People from the Unknown World: Native America and American History, Fall 2010Garceau-Hagen, Dee
2010_spring_HIST_405-01_20180.pdf.jpg2010-01-13HIST 405-01, Performative Cultures in Historical Context: Creating a Documentary Film on Black Greek Step Dance, Spring 2010Garceau-Hagen, Dee
2007_sp_HIST_441-01.pdf.jpg2007-01-10HIST 441-01, Interpretive Issues in Native American HistoryGarceau-Hagen, Dee
2008_sp_HIST_445-01_28572.pdf.jpg2008-04-01T22:48:50ZHIST 445-01, Gender in the American West, Spring 2008Garceau-Hagen, Dee
2009_fall_HIST_485-01_10264.pdf.jpg2009-08-26HIST 485-01, Senior Seminar in History, Fall 2009Garceau-Hagen, Dee
2006_fall_HIST_485-01_17408.pdf.jpg2006-08-23HIST 485-01, Senior Seminar, Fall 2006Garceau-Hagen, Dee
2007_sp_HIST_485-01.pdf.jpg2007-01-10HIST 485-01, Senior Seminar, Spring 2007Garceau-Hagen, Dee