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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
ITS_tour_20040715_032.JPG.jpg15-Jul-2004Allen Boone talking with Bob Johnson and Bill ShortHendrix, Marci
ford_amanda_2006.jpg.jpg16-May-2008Amanda Ford, 2006Hendrix, Marci
Barret_firstfloor_near_stairs_2004_006.JPG.jpg20-Jul-2004Barret Library first floor looking towards stairsHendrix, Marci
Barret_cirarea_2004_005.JPG.jpg20-Jul-2004Barret Library first future check out areaHendrix, Marci
Barret_literary_garden_2004.JPG.jpg20-Jul-2004Barret Library Literary Garden under constructionHendrix, Marci
Barret_214.JPG.jpg20-Jul-2004Barret Library room 214 during constructionHendrix, Marci
Barret 302_03.JPG.jpg20-Jul-2004Barret Library room 302 during constructionHendrix, Marci
Barret_second_floor_2004.JPG.jpg20-Jul-2004Barret Library second level nearing completionHendrix, Marci
Barret_bottton-Balcony_2ndfloor_2004_0068.JPG.jpg20-Jul-2004Barret Library second level under balconyHendrix, Marci
Barret_stairs_to_lower_level_2004_0060.JPG.jpg20-Jul-2004Barret Library stairs to lower levelHendrix, Marci
Barre_thirdfloor_apse_2004.JPG.jpg20-Jul-2004Barret Library third level near balconyHendrix, Marci
Rhodes_morning_hendrix_20131119_001.jpg.jpg19-Nov-2013A Beautiful morning on the Rhodes CampusHendrix, Marci
Brooks_williford_2006.jpg.jpg2006Darlene Brooks and Paul Williford, 2006Hendrix, Marci
Barret_east entrance_20043.JPG.jpg20-Jul-2004East entrance and walkway of Barret Library under constructionHendrix, Marci
9-May-2008History of the Rhodes College ChoraleHendrix, Marci
ITS_staff_2004_5.JPG.jpg15-Jul-2004Information Services staff at end of tour of library constructionHendrix, Marci
ITS_toou_20040715_040.JPG.jpg15-Jul-2004ITS Staff listening to Brian FosheeHendrix, Marci
DSC00425.JPG.jpg15-Jul-2004Joby Dion in Barret Library theatre during constructionHendrix, Marci
Lemond_rutschman_2006.jpg.jpg16-May-2008Judith Rutschman and Charlie Lemond, 2006Hendrix, Marci
Bowling 2006_padgett_williford_ 039.jpg.jpg16-May-2008Kenan Padgett and Paul Williford, IS Bowling, 2006Hendrix, Marci