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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20001004_clough-hanson_catalog_10_pop_artists_on_paper_thumbnail.jpg.jpg4-Oct-200010 Pop Artists on Paper Exhibition CatalogPacini, Marina; McCarthy, David; Troutt, William; Feldman, Kaywin
Anthony_retrospective_19961026_page28.jpg.jpg1996Adam and Eve, steel, 1961Pacini, Marina; Anthony, Lawrence (Lon), 1934-
Anthony_retrospective_19961026_page13.jpg.jpg1996Annie, figwood, 1974Pacini, Marina; Anthony, Lawrence (Lon), 1934-
8-Feb-2008ART 360-01, Art Management, Fall 2000Pacini, Marina
19-Mar-2008ART 360-01, Gallery Management, Fall 1998Pacini, Marina
16-Apr-2008ART 360-01, Gallery Management, Fall 1999Pacini, Marina
Anthony_retrospective_19961026_page16.jpg.jpg1996Bar Scene, mixed media, 1995Pacini, Marina; Anthony, Lawrence (Lon), 1934-
19960217_clough-hanson_program_betty_hutcheson_thumbnail.jpg.jpg17-Feb-1996Betty Leigh Hutcheson, Terri Jones Exhibition BrochureHutcheson, Betty Leigh; Jones, Terri; Pacini, Marina
Anthony_retrospective_19961026_page09.jpg.jpg1996Campus Life, copper, 1977Pacini, Marina; Anthony, Lawrence (Lon), 1934-
Anthony_retrospective_19961026_page10.jpg.jpg1996Circe, mixed media, 1991Pacini, Marina; Anthony, Lawrence (Lon), 1934-
Anthony_retrospective_19961026_page21.jpg.jpg1996Cocktail Party, bronze, 1974Pacini, Marina; Anthony, Lawrence (Lon), 1934-
Anthony_retrospective_19961026_page14.jpg.jpg1996Cocktail Party, two panels, mixed media, 1987Pacini, Marina; Anthony, Lawrence (Lon), 1934-
Anthony_retrospective_19961026_back_cover.JPG.jpg1996Harlequin (Study for the Theatre Memphis "Harlequin"), steel, 1978Pacini, Marina; Anthony, Lawrence (Lon), 1934-
A_History_of_Art_at_Rhodes_College_1948-1998Thumbnail.jpg.jpg10-Oct-1998A History of Art at Rhodes College, 1942-1998Pacini, Marina
Anthony_retrospective_19961026_page11.jpg.jpg1996Last Bolt, mixed media, 1990Pacini, Marina; Anthony, Lawrence (Lon), 1934-
19960913_clough-hanson_catalog_lawrence_anthony_thumbnail.jpg.jpg 9Lawrence Anthony Retrospective Exhibition CatalogAnthony, Lawrence; Pacini, Marina; McCarthy, David
19990831_clough-hanson_program_sabrina_ott_thumbnail.jpg.jpg31-Aug-1999Love Machines: A Survey of Paintings, Prints and Drawings by Sabina Ott, 1991-1999 Exhibition BrochureOtt, Sabina; Pacini, Marina
Anthony_retrospective_19961026_page26.jpg.jpg1996Martini Man, bronze statuePacini, Marina; Anthony, Lawrence (Lon), 1934-
Anthony_retrospective_19961026_page23.jpg.jpg1996Metamorphosis, polyester resin and fiberglass, 1964Pacini, Marina; Anthony, Lawrence (Lon), 1934-
Anthony_retrospective_19961026_front_cover.JPG.jpg1996Midlife Riders. wood and acrylic paint, 1976Pacini, Marina; Anthony, Lawrence (Lon), 1934-