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2005_spring_ART_311-01.pdf.jpg1/12/2005ART 311-01, Intermediate/Advanced Photography, Spring 2005Rothman, Rebecca
2005_spring_ART_360-01_20126.pdf.jpg1/12/2005ART 360-01, Gallery Management, Spring 2005Dobbins, Hamlett
2005_spring_ART_366-01_20131.pdf.jpg1/12/2005ART 366-01, Alternative Practices, Spring 2005Dobbins, Hamlett
2005_spring_ART_365-02_20129.pdf.jpg1/12/2005ART 365-02, The African American Image in Art and Visual Culture, 1700-2000, Spring 2005Daugherty, Ellen
2005_spring_ART_365-01_20127.pdf.jpg1/12/2005ART 365-01, Art and Architecture in the Most Serene City, Spring 2005Coonin, Victor
2005_spring_ART_307-01_20121.pdf.jpg1/12/2005ART 307 - 407, Sculpture, Spring 2005Valgardson, Val
2005_spring_ART_342-01_20126.pdf.jpg1/12/2005ART 342-01, Modern Survey II (1860-1940), Spring 2005Daugherty, Ellen
2005_spring_ART_326-01_20125.pdf.jpg1/12/2005ART 326-01, Northern Renaissance Art, Spring 2005Coonin, Victor
2006_spring_ART_334-01_20128.pdf.jpg1/12/2006ART 334-01, American Art, Spring 2006McCarthy, David
2011_SPRING_ART 105-01_21125_Dobbin.pdf.jpg1/12/2011ART 105-01, Painting, Spring 2011Dobbins, Hamlett
2011_spring_ART_341_21121_McCarthy.pdf.jpg1/12/2011ART 341-01, Modern Art I, Spring 2011McCarthy, David
Art 232 (McCarthy).pdf.jpg1/12/2011ART 232-01, History of Western Art II, Spring 2011McCarthy, David
ART 360 (Dobbins).pdf.jpg1/12/2011ART 360-01, Gallery Management, Spring 2011Dobbins, Hamlett
Art 326 (Coonin).pdf.jpg1/12/2011ART 326-01, Northern Renaissance Art, Spring 2011Coonin, Victor
ART 265 (Tronchin).pdf.jpg1/12/2011ART 265-01, The Social Life of Roman Sculpture, Spring 2011Tronchin, Francesca C.
Art 101 (Sucsy).pdf.jpg1/12/2011ART 101-01, Introduction to Drawing, Spring 2011Sucsy, Laurel
ART 166_366 (Dobbins).pdf.jpg1/12/2011ART 166-01, Topics in Studio Art, ART 366-01 Advanced Topics in Studio Art, Spring 2011Dobbins, Hamlett
Art 356 (Coonin).pdf.jpg1/12/2011ART-356, Michelangelo, Spring 2011Coonin, Victor
ART 231 (Tronchin).pdf.jpg1/12/2011ART 231-01, History of Western Art I, Spring 2011Tronchin, Francesca C.
ART 220 (Tronchin).pdf.jpg1/12/2011ART 220-01, Classical Archeology, Spring 2011Tronchin, Francesca C.