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Commencement_class_of_1964_unedited_002.jpg.jpgJun-1964Group photograph of the Class of 1964-
Circulation_Conference_20130613_003.jpg.jpg13-Jun-2013Berlinda Williams-Strong at the Circulation ConferenceGrissom, Andrew
Circulation_Conference_20130613_002.jpg.jpg13-Jun-2013Ike Sloas at Circulation ConferenceGrissom, Andrew
Circulation_Conference_20130613_001.jpg.jpg13-Jun-2013Circulation Conference Opening IntroductionsGrissom, Andrew
MidDream_ChrisHall_CatherineEckman_19901005_Rone_002.jpg.jpg5-Oct-1990Chris Hall and Catherine Eckman in A Midsummer Night's Dream, 1990Rone, John
2008Costume Design for the Opera Memphis Production of Scott Joplin and TreemonishaJilg, David; Kokoreva, Natalija; Grills, Katie; Ward, La'Sandria
2013A Woman with a Physical ProblemDaggett, Elizabeth; Cerrito, John; Ho, Phat
Barret_Zombie_Night_20140819_016.jpg.jpg19-Aug-2014Sock Defense at Zombie NightGrissom, Andrew
Barret_Zombie_Night_20140819_015.jpg.jpg19-Aug-2014Zombie StudentGrissom, Andrew
Barret_Zombie_Night_20140819_014.jpg.jpg19-Aug-2014Darlene Brooks as a ZombieGrissom, Andrew
Barret_Zombie_Night_20140819_013.jpeg.jpg19-Aug-2014Zombies and SurvivorsGrissom, Andrew
Barret_Zombie_Night_20140819_012.jpg.jpg19-Aug-2014Answering Questions during Zombie NightGrissom, Andrew
Barret_Zombie_Night_Kenan_Padgett_20140819_011.jpg.jpg19-Aug-2014Kenan Padgett as a ZombieGrissom, Andrew
Barret_Zombie_Night_Jennifer_Ott_20140819_010.jpg.jpg19-Aug-2014Jennifer Ott as a ZombieGrissom, Andrew
Barret_Zombie_Night_Rob_Dove_20140819_009.jpg.jpg19-Aug-2014Zombie Rob Dove with Book CartGrissom, Andrew
Barret_Zombie_Night_20140819_008.jpg.jpg19-Aug-2014Zombie Night Hiding in the AlcoveGrissom, Andrew
Barret_Zombie_Night_20140819_007.jpg.jpg19-Aug-2014Zombie and StudentsGrissom, Andrew
Barret_Zombie_Night_20140819_006.jpg.jpg19-Aug-2014Zombie Night Rule KeepersGrissom, Andrew
2013Welcome to the TribeAdd advisor; Martin, Rebecca S (Becca)
Barret_Zombie_Night_20140819_005.JPG.jpg19-Aug-2014Zombie Night BarricadeGrissom, Andrew
Barret_Zombie_Night_20140819_004.JPG.jpg19-Aug-2014Rob Dove on Zombie NightGrissom, Andrew
Barret_Zombie_Night_20140819_003.JPG.jpg19-Aug-2014Zombie Night SocksGrissom, Andrew
Barret_Zombie_Night_20140819_002.JPG.jpg19-Aug-2014Zombie Night PreparationGrissom, Andrew
Barret_Zombie_Night_20140819_001.JPG.jpg19-Aug-2014Zombie Night DinnerGrissom, Andrew
Commencement_invitation_1885_001.jpg.jpg15-Jun-1885Commencement Invitation-
2013Echoes of MemphisBass, John B. III; Whitehorn, Molly M.
2014Historic Parks and Monuments: Bedford Forrest Park and the Controversy of Sacred Space versus Public PlaceBremer, Thomas, S.; Veech, Stephanie D.
2014Gordon SchoolMcKinney, Charles W.; Mason, Sophia
2014My Memphis: How Neighborhoods in Transition and Transitioning through Neighborhoods Shape IdentityMoreland, Milton C.; Ameha, Tiegst J.
2014“Next thing you know, you got Invaders everywhere”: An Organizational Analysis of the Invaders, 1967-1970McKinney, Charles W.; Mallory, Schaeffer L.
2014“You’ve Got to Have the Vision,” Girl: Women and the Memphis Recording StudioBass, John B. III; Catanzaro, Sarah R.
2014"You Can't Marginalize Me!": Tradition and Individuality in Memphis RapBass, John B. III; Cunningham, Premiese E.
2014Community Art Project: Caritas Village and ChoicesParsons, Joel T.; Kulesza, Morgan
2014Suspended Chances: An Examination of the School-to-Prison Pipeline in Memphis Public SchoolsPerson, Natalie K.; Perkins, Lexi M.
2014Correcting the Constitutional Crisis and Corresponding “Culture of Criminalization” in the Memphis and Shelby County Juvenile CourtMcKinney, Charles W.; Flanders, Sarah L. (Lanier)
2014“An Anomaly to Myself and Others”: Ida B. Wells, and Race, Gender, and Sexuality in Memphis in the late 19th CenturyHughes, Charles L.; Siracusa, Anthony C. III; Clark, Emily E.
2014Cultural Capital and its Relationship to Academic Achievement: The Case of Shelby County High SchoolsPerson, Natalie K.; Fritzlen, Katherine A.
2014To Know Man as Man: Progressive Dreams and Provincial Realities at Southwestern College in the Year of the Sanitation StrikeHughes, Charles L.; Siracusa, Anthony C. III; Baum, Christian N.
2014Stranger in My Own Hometown: Chips Moman and the Forgotten Story of American StudiosBremer, Thomas, S.; Manchester, John M.
2014“Blues Isn’t All About Some Guy Sitting on a Corner”: An Examination of Blues Music and Culture Through the Lens of Mississippi Blues FestivalsBass, John B. III; Gaupp, Gunter R.
2014Our Talented City: Understanding the Talent Pipeline in MemphisPerson, Natalie K.; Sloan, Carly W. (Carly-Will)
21-Feb-2012Harter, Bryant, and Drannon Lecture and Recital-
2013Radio Free Memphis: The WLYX StoryBass, John B. III; Gambert, Skyler
2013The Crystal Shrine Grotto: Memorial Park Cemetery’s Hidden GemBremer, Thomas, S.; Conrad, Taylor
2013Victory at Home and Victory Abroad: A Story of Memphis, War Bonds, and Civil RightsMcKinney, Charles W.; Mattson, Samuel (Sam)
2013Browning Bluff City: Hispanic Business, Culture, and Memory in MemphisMoreland, Milton C.; Sánchez, René
2013Wage Theft and the American Dream: Social Movements, Cultural Narratives, and InterpretationMoreland, Milton C.; Redman, Jonathan (Nathan)
2013Measuring Success: Alternative Education Schools’ Accountability ModelsPohlmann, Marcus D.; Barr, Rebekah
2013Defining Dixie: Southern Political Discourse in Country MusicHughes, Charles L.; Strom, Phoebe
2013Everything But Deliberate Speed: Integration in Tunica County, MississippiMcKinney, Charles W.; Brown, Cecil
2013Policy vs. Reality: Understanding Attendance in Memphis’ Urban SchoolsPerson, Natalie K.; Bitzer, Jennifer; Lewis, Abby
2013Strangers in Their Own Land: The Mississippi Band of Choctaw IndiansHughes, Charles L.; Hébert, Adelaide (Della)
2013Strides for Equality: A Resource Guide for the Civil Rights Struggle in MemphisMcKinney, Charles W.; Smith, Destiny; Topps, Allyson K.
2013Royal Studios and the Creation of Hi SoundBass, John B. III; Hicks, Matthew R. (Matt)
2013“I Am Not a Disease; I Am Just Me and A Fun Person to Dance With” A Study of Rhodes College Gay HistoryMoreland, Milton C.; Hudgins, Huntley
2013Feeding the Soul: The Church’s Response to HungerBremer, Thomas, S.; Hales, Lauren S.
2013A Spectrum of Appropriateness: Sex Education in Religiously Affiliated High SchoolsBremer, Thomas, S.; Hautot, Claire
2013Capital Punishment: A Shelby County Case StudyThomas, Elizabeth; Minor, Ann (Annie)
2012“Where the Past Still Hurts”: Court-Ordered Busing in Memphis City SchoolsMcKinney, Charles W.; Bussey-Spencer, Mary (Mollie)
2013Parents and Schools as Partners in Education: Strategies for Parent Engagement at Our Lady of Sorrows, Jubilee Model School in Frayser, TennesseeThomas, Elizabeth; Judd, Abbey E.
2012What Makes a Memphian a Memphian? An Existential AnalysisJohnson, Leigh M.; Evins, Tanner
2012You May Not Get There With Me: How the Memphis Civil Rights Movement Left the LGBTQ Community BehindJohnson, Leigh M.; Erhardt, Ryley
2013Examining the Concept of Livability in the Crosstown Community of MemphisThomas, Elizabeth; Ranson, Anna
2012Manassas in the 1950s: Cultivating a Jazz TraditionBass, John B. III; Wilkerson, Blake (Alex)
2013What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You: The Skewed Logic and Problems Within Abstinence-Only EducationJohnson, Leigh M.; Tedesco, Andrea L.
2012Who is the Man in the Mirror? : Homosexuality, Blackness, and the Complexities of Intersectional IdentityJohnson, Leigh M.; Ajayi, Omolola M.
2013The Drumbeat of Memphis: Reducing Youth Handgun Violence One Child, One Gun, and One Community at a TimeJohnson, Leigh M.; Cobb, Carrie L.
2012I am a Memphis woman: An Audio Portrait of Memphis’ Adolescent Female PopulationDaggett, Elizabeth; Bryan, Chloe
2012Progressive Initiatives in Memphis City Schools’ Health/Wellness Curriculum: An examination of the relatively liberal yet stunted MCS sexual education instructionMoreland, Milton C.; Sullivan, Emily
2012Moving Past the Music: An exploration of Reverend William Herbert Brewster's Opinions and Beliefs on Race Relations, Civil Rights, and Ethnological UpliftBremer, Thomas, S.; Hicks, Grace M.
2012Daughter, Your Faith Has Healed You: An Emphasis on Faith for Addicts In RecoveryBremer, Thomas, S.; Upham, Cicely
2012Comparing Museums: Why Economics and Entrepreneurship Are Important to Art MuseumsCoonin, Victor; Turner, Lila
2012Saving the Black Swan: Responses to the Racial Disparity in Classical BalletMcKinney, Charles W.; Sullivan, Jenna N.
2012Examining the Brooks Museum's "Soul of a City" in Light of the Aesthetics of Hans Georg GadamerCoonin, Victor; Ash, David
2012Ethos: What is (y)our American Dream?Coonin, Victor; Doolin, Megan (Megg)
2012Youth for Youth: an UnDocumentaryDaggett, Elizabeth; Haynes, Christiana (Christi)
2012The Category Imperative: Sex, Gender, and Illusions of DifferenceMoreland, Milton C.; Newman, Jessica (Jess)
2011Segregation by Any Other Name: Central High School and Integration in American MemorySaxe, Robert F.; Dunn, Mary (Mimi)
2011How to Say Gay: An Analysis of the Relationship Between Queer Theory and the Modern LGBT Rights MovementJohnson, Leigh M.; Bacot, Sarah
2011The Declining Value of Art in America: How Arts in Memphis Continue to ThriveSaxe, Robert F.; Pate, Sarah
2012From Soul Food to Whole Foods: The Soul Food Restaurant in Memphis TodayMoreland, Milton C.; Bares, Annie
2011Dr. Herman Washington Green: an Extraordinary Man and His MusicBass, John B. III; Lang, William (Will)
2012Folklorist John Quincy Wolf Jr.: From the Ozarks to MemphisBass, John B. III; Piazza, Alex
2012Words on a PageBremer, Thomas, S.; Lockhart, Anna
2011The Faces of WaterBremer, Thomas, S.; D'Anna, Jeannie (Scarlett)
2012The Yellow Fever Epidemic of 1878 and Public Health Reform in MemphisMcKinney, Charles W.; Evans, Benjamin (Ben)
2012James “Jimmie” Lunceford: The Father of Jazz EducationBass, John B. III; Nollan, Alexander (Alex)
2011The Human Right to Education: Exploring the right and showing how the right is being violated in the Memphis City SchoolsJohnson, Leigh M.; Clark, Jack
2011Reconciling the Irreconcilable: Overcoming the Dichotomized Perspectives that Hinder Progress in Reproductive HealthBremer, Thomas, S.; Kotrady, Jennifer (Jen)
2011A Community Set Apart: Youth’s Gender and Sexual Socialization within the Bible Belt Mega-ChurchBremer, Thomas, S.; Naramore, Leanne
2011A Legacy of Lies: The Clinton Administration and the Rwandan GenocideSaxe, Robert F.; Barrilleaux, Jane
2011The Small and Large of It: The Struggles of the Memphis Brooks Museum of Art and the Kress CollectionCoonin, Victor; Gysin, Hannah
2011Hollywood DreamsJilg, David; Clark, Marissa; Rainey, Roy; Sumrall, Lucy (Kay); Jones, Danielle
2011The Social and Economic Impact of the Stax Legacy on the Soulsville CommunityBass, John B. III; Cape, Joshua
2011A period of rapid evolution in bass playing and its effect on music through the lens of Memphis, TNBass, John B. III; Walsh, Benjamin (Ben)
2011Owning our Understanding of Property Rights: Coupling Marx's Critique of Capitalist Political Economy and Butler's Understanding of Community within a Kantian Moral FrameworkJohnson, Leigh M.; Curtis, Benjamin (Ben)
2011George Lee: An Unsung Civil Rights Activist in an Overshadowed MovementMcKinney, Charles W.; Jehl, Louis (Mathew)
2010Priority; Home?: How Despite Massive Federal Funding the Memphis Government Still Managed to Short Change The HomelessSaxe, Robert F.; Pevy, John
2011Traces of a Forgotten Church: Exploring the historical context behind Andrew‟s Chapel at Ames PlantationMoreland, Milton C.; Grissom, Andrew
2010Deconstructing the Myth: Understanding what Antebellum Life was really like through a close study of Ames Plantation in Fayette County, Tennessee, 1820-1860Moreland, Milton C.; Yewell, Katherine (Katie)