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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Celebrating_Humanities_001.jpg.jpg1996Celebrating the HumanitiesNelson, Michael
Dan West copy.jpg.jpg1942Dan West '42-
Palmer_Cloister_from_above_1924.jpg.jpg1924Palmer Hall cloister from above during construction-
May-2015"Can't My Family Be Real Too?" Deconstructing the Familial Mystique Through History and NarrativesElliott, Victoria
2016Richard I AR Denier-
2016Charles II Threepence-
2016Elizabeth I Sixpence-
2016William and Mary Fourpence-
2016BMC 19-
2016Wladislaw II Denar-
2016Other AE Unit-
2016Manuel I Teterateron-
2016Charlemagne Denier-
2016Leo I AE4-
2016RIC IV Volusian 167-
2016RIC IV Volusian 237A-
2016Federal AE1-
2016Justin I Follis-
2016Justin II Nummus-
2016RIC II, part 1 (second edition) Vespasian 849-
2016Valentinian II Siliqua-
2016RIC 5-B (second edition) Victorinus 116-
2016RIC 5-B (second edition) Victorinus 112-
2016Valentinian III AE4-
2016RIC V I Cohen 55-
2016Varbanov 4208v-
2016RIC IX 16b-
2016RIC IV Trebonianus Gallus 55-
2016RIC 5 Aurelian 381-
2016Valentinian I AE1-
2016Valerian Antoninianus-
2016Ric IV 71-
2016RIC II, Part 1 (second edition) Titus 122-
2016RIC I, 89-
2016RPC 3731-
2016RIC IX 64b-
2016RIC V-1 49-
2016RIC IV Philip I 236-
2016RIC 5-B (second edition) Tetricus II 270-
2016RIC 5-B (second edition) 140-
2016RIC IV 233-
2016Nero Tetradrachm-
2016RIC V 377-
2016RIC II Nerva 53-
2016RIC 20b. C 15-
2016RIC IV Maximius Thrax 3-
2016Maximianus Antoninianus-
2016RIC III 1309 (Marcus Aurelius)-
2016Magnentius AE2-
2016Maximian Antoninianus-
2016RIC VI 158-2A-
2016Julian II AE3-4-
2016RIC VII 54-
2016RIC VII 10-
2016Julian II AE3-4-
2016RIC IX 27c-
2016RIC IX 14c.xxix-
2016RIC 30b-
2016RIC2, RSC 44, BMC 144-
2016Gallienus As-
2016RIC V Gallienus 177-
2016RIC VI 50-
2016RIC 7 (second edition) Diocletian 152a-
2016RIC IV Elagabalus 156d-
2016RIC II, Vespasian 921.-
2016RIC 5 46-
2016RIC VII 141-
2016RIC 5-B (second edition) Diocletian 284-
2016RIC Unknown, Markianopolis Moushmov 629-
2016RIC 5-B (second edition) 9 C.F.-
2016RIC VII 9-
2016RIC VII 30-
2016RIC VII 228a-
2016Constantius II Siliqua-
2016RIC 8-
2016RIC VIII 72-
2016RIC 8 CNP 82-
2016Constantius II AE3-
2016Constantius II AE3-
2016Constantius II AE4-
2016RIC V 673-
2016Constantius III AE Unit-
2016RIC VII 224, B-
2016RIC. 91(S)-
2016RIC VII Constantine 287,S-
2016RIC V 106-
2016RIC 5-A (second edition) Aurelian 386-
2016RIC V Carinus 325-
2016RIC V-2 41-
coin_026_obverse.jpg.jpg2016RIC V 242-
2016Justinian I Solidus-
2016RIC 5-A (second edition) Aurelian 361-