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Starks_Virgil_001.jpg.jpg1986Virgil Stark,III, Class of 1985-
Starks_Viergil_001.jpg.jpg2008Virgil Stark,III, Class of 1985-
students in class_c1988 (32).jpg.jpg1988Students in class in Palmer Hall-
students in class_c1988 (23).jpg.jpg1983Students taking notes during a class lecture in Frazier Jelke auditorium-
students in class_c1988 (28).jpg.jpg1988Students listening to a lecture in Clough Hall Orgill Room-
students in class_c1988_(24).jpg.jpg1988Students in class in Kennedy Hall-
students in Olcese biology lab_c1988 _ (11).jpg.jpg1988Students in Professor Olcese's biology laboratory-
students in Olcese biology lab_c1988 _ (6).jpg.jpg1988Students in Professor Olcese's biology laboratory-
students in Olcese biology lab_c1988 _ (3).jpg.jpg1988Students in Professor Olcese's biology laboratory-
1988_homecoming_13.jpg.jpg1988Lacrosse player and friends at Homecoming-
1988_homecoming_12.jpg.jpg1988Alumni at Homecoming-
1988_homecoming_04.jpg.jpg1988Students at Homecoming-
1988_Pike_Homecoming.jpg.jpg1988Pi Kappa Alpha brothers cheering at Homecoming game-
1988_homecoming_14.jpg.jpg1988Football Players at Homecoming Game-
1988_homecoming_02.jpg.jpg1988Homecoming Court-
fraternity_lodge_1953.jpg.jpg1953Side view of Sigma Alpha Epsilon Lodge-
Kaapa Sigma_Fraternity_lodge_1953_009.jpg.jpg1953Kappa Sigma Fraternity Lodge-
Homecoming decorations_fraternity_lodge_1962.jpg.jpg1962Kappa Sigma Homecoming Decorations-
BG_prayer_room_002.jpg.jpg2002Bellingrath Chapel Prayer Room-
construction_1953_04.jpg.jpg1953Drawing of Trezevant Dormitory Construction-
April_Box_MHD.jpg.jpg2002April Box Chamberlain '86-
Troutt_and_Llewellyn.jpg.jpg2003President Troutt and Robert Llewellyn at Homecoming 2003-
Erin_Wiles_Family.jpg.jpg2002Erin Wiles with family-
Erin_Wiles_Medical.jpg.jpg2002Erin Wiles-
Groundbreaking_Above.jpg.jpg2003Barret Library Groundbreaking Speech-
Bill_Short_Lynne_Blair.jpg.jpg2002Bill Short and Lynn Blair pose at Barret Library Groundbreaking-
Track_Coach.jpg.jpg2002Crosscountry coach Robert Shankman holding up Mike Cody cutout-
Soccer_Men.jpg.jpg2002Men's soccer players-
Mike_Cody.jpg.jpg2002Mike Cody running-
Basketball.jpg.jpg2002Basketball Player posing-
John_Churchill_profile2.jpg.jpg2002John Churchill with family-
PNRhodes_w_Tower_1983.jpg.jpg1983Peyton Nalle Rhodes in front of Halliburton Tower-
Ray_Bye.jpg.jpg2000Raymond E. Bye, Jr. '66-
Lisa_Navarra.jpg.jpg2000Lisa Navarra with dog-
Little_Rock.jpg.jpg2000Mark Doramus '72 and Laura Doramus at Little Rock alumni event-
Little_Rock2.jpg.jpg2000Richard Dixon '50 and Phyllis Raney at Little Rock alumni event-
Gatherings_Linton_Weeks.jpg.jpg2000President Bill Troutt with Anna Farris and Linton Weeks-
Aboard_The_Clipper.jpg.jpg2000Rhodes Alumni aboard The Clipper-
Alumni_Claudia_Kennedy.jpg.jpg2000Claudia Kennedy at alumni event-
Basketball.jpg.jpg2000Men's Basketball game Rhodes v. Oglethorpe-
Palmer_Tower_Painting.jpg.jpg2000Painting of Halliburton Tower and Gooch Hall-
Mock_Trial_Courtroom.jpg.jpg2000Professor Pohlmann with a student in the Mock Trial CourtroomAcademic departments
Washington_DC_3.jpg.jpg2000Rhodes Alumni at Washington, D.C. reunion-
New_Orleans.jpg.jpg2000New Orleans alumni reunion-
Jackson_MS.jpg.jpg2000Carolyn Ray, Chris Ray, and Terry Westheard at Jackson, MS Alumni gathering-
Houston_1.jpg.jpg2000Alumni gathering in Houston-
Julie_Story_Byerley.jpg.jpg1999Julie Storey Byerley-
Robert_Shankman.jpg.jpg1999Cross Country Coach Robert Shankman-
Pool1.jpg.jpg1999Alburty Pool with dome cover-
Mel_Richey.jpg.jpg1999Mel Richey in Palmer-
Judith_and_Bruce_Campbel_judith_bruce_tree gift_1999l.jpg.jpg1999Judith and Bruce Campbell-
Memphis_Bridge_vol2_issue10_122014_COVER.jpg.jpgDec-2014The Bridge, December 2014, Volume 2, Issue 10-
Memphis_Bridge_vol2_issue9_112014_COVER.jpg.jpgNov-2014The Bridge, November 2014, Volume 2, Issue 9-
Memphis_Bridge_vol2_issue8_102014_COVER.jpg.jpgOct-2014The Bridge, October 2014, Volume 2, Issue 8-
Memphis_Bridge_vol2_issue7_092014_COVER.jpg.jpg2014The Bridge, September 2014, Volume 2, Issue 7-
Memphis_Bridge_vol2_issue6_082014_COVER.jpg.jpgAug-2014The Bridge, August 2014, Volume 2, Issue 5-
Memphis_Bridge_vol2_issue5_072014_COVER.jpg.jpgJul-2014The Bridge, July 2014, Volume 2, Issue 5-
1991_Hedgeman_Lulah honorary degree_fine arts.jpg.jpg1991Lulah Hedgeman receives honorary degree in Fine Arts-
1955_ADC_class_basement of Burrow .jpg.jpg1955Class in Burrow basement-
Rhodes_Peyton_Hula2.jpg.jpg1955Peyton Rhodes Didn't Lose His Dignity newspaper clipping-
Rhodes_Peyton_GradUVA.gif.jpg1920Peyton Nalle Rhodes' diploma from University of Virginia-
Rhodes_Peyton_Child.gif.jpg1903Peyton Nalle Rhodes as a child-
CEDiehl1949.jpg.jpg1949Outgoing President Charles E. Diehl (center) with incoming President Peyton Nalle Rhodes (far right) and Sidney Farnsworth-
CEDiehl1926.jpg.jpg1926A photograph portrait of College President Charles E. Diehl-
Memphis_Bridge_vol2_issue4_062014_COVER.jpg.jpgJun-2014The Bridge, June 2014, Volume 2, Issue 4-
Memphis_Bridge_vol2_issue3_052014_COVER.jpg.jpgMay-2014The Bridge, May 2014, Volume 2, Issue 3-
Memphis_Bridge_vol2_issue2_042014_COVER.jpg.jpgApr-2014The Bridge, April 2014, Volume 2, Issue 2-
Memphis_Bridge_vol2_issue3_052014_COVER.jpg.jpgMar-2014The Bridge, March 2014, Volume 2, Issue 1-
Memphis_Bridge_vol1_issue11_022014_COVER.jpg.jpgFeb-2014The Bridge, February 2014, Volume 1 Issue 11-
Memphis_Bridge_vol1_issue10_012014_COVER.jpg.jpgJan-2014The Bridge, January 2014, Volume 1, Issue 10-
Memphis_Bridge_vol1_issue9_122013_COVER.jpg.jpgDec-2013The Bridge, December 2013, Volume 1, Issue 9-
Memphis_Bridge_vol1_issue8_112013_COVER.jpg.jpgNov-2013The Bridge, November 2013, Volume 1, Issue 8-
Washington1.jpg.jpg1998Alumni reunion in Washington, D. C.-
Robert_Tiews_and_Friend.jpg.jpg1998Bennie, Class of 1948, and Robert Tiews-
Richmond.jpg.jpg1998Alumni gathering in Richmond, VA-
On_The_Beach.jpg.jpg1998Alumni on the beach-
Mobile.jpg.jpg1998President and Mrs. Daughdrill with alumni in Mobile-
Millie_and_Fred_Jesty.jpg.jpg1998Millie and Fred Jesty '23-
Bruce_Albright.jpg.jpg1998Bruce Albright-
Bennett_Wood.jpg.jpg1998Bennett Wood pulling a name out of a hat in Palmer-
Austin.jpg.jpg1998Alumni chapter members meeting in Austin, Texas-
West_Dining_Hall.jpg.jpg1999Catherine Burrow Refectory West Dining Hall-
McClure_William1998.jpg.jpg1998William McClure '51 receives award at the College's Sesquicentennial-
LeMaster _ Beth '58 and Paul Tudor Jones '32_ 1998.jpg.jpg1998Beth LeMaster '58 and Paul Tudor Jones talk '32 at the Sesquicentennial-
Habitaat House_1998.jpg.jpg1998Building a Habitat for Humanity House-
Meeman_DinnerTable_2010Fall_001.JPG.jpg10-Nov-2010King Hall Meeman Dinner-
Lynx_lair_ad.jpg.jpg1945Lynx Lair Menu Ad-
Centennial_program_pg10_19490919.jpg.jpgSep-1949Centennial Program: Regards from Insititutions, Presidents and Chancellors, Chronology-
Centennial_program_pg07_19490919.jpg.jpgSep-1949Centennial Program: Inaugural Address through Reception-
Daughrill_james_students.jpg.jpg1985President James Daughdrill talking with students-
Daughrill_james_inaug.gif.jpg1973James H. Daughdrill, Jr. Inauguration Invitation-
Daughdrill_james_1997.gif.jpg1997President James Daughdrill in front of the Rhodes banner-
BowdenInvit.gif.jpg16-Jan-1971William Lukens Bowden 1970 Inauguration Invitation-
Liberal_arts_seals_title.jpg.jpg1955Liberal arts seals above Burrow Library entrance-
40-A.K. Burrow_Increase_Gift.jpg.jpg1952Newspaper clipping from Memphis Press Scimitar, an afternoon newspaper, detailing the increase of Burrows' original gift for the library-
39-L. Kinney_response_questionnaire_p1.jpg.jpg1950Response to Miss Mary Marsh's questionnaire for Burrow Library by L. Kinney-
38-A.P. Kelso_response_questionnaire.jpg.jpg1950Faculty questionnaire from A.P. Kelso on planning the Southwestern College Library Building-
33_J.H. Davis_response_questionnaire_p1.jpg.jpg1950Library questionnaire responses from J.H. Davis-
32_Library_Early_Plan_Jones_South.jpg.jpg1945Early building plans of Burrow Library south elevation by Walk C. Jones-
31-Library_Early_Plan_Jones_West.jpg.jpg1945Early plan of Burrow Library west elevation by Walk C. Jones-