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20180406Spring Beginning Painting Assignment 3: StatementPeticolas, Madison
20180406Spring Beginning Painting Assignment 3: StatementRavva, Vishwesh
20180406Spring Beginning Painting Assignment 3: StatementWard, Rachel
20180406Spring Beginning Painting Assignment 3: StatementSommerkamp, Elizabeth
20180406Spring Beginning Painting Assignment 3: StatementForston, Jada
20180406Spring Beginning Painting Assignment 3: StatementPhan, Mary
20180406Spring Beginning Painting Assignment 3: StatementSmith, Prentiss
20180406Spring Beginning Painting Assignment 3: StatementLieberman, Eliza
20180406Spring Beginning Painting Assignment 3: StatementPopescu, Maria
20180406Spring Beginning Painting Assignment 3: StatementEllis, Miriam
20180406Spring Beginning Painting Assignment 3: StatementMattheisen, Sean
20180406Spring Beginning Painting Assignment 3: StatementVela, Luis
20180406_beg_ptg_statement_assignment_sloan.jpg.jpg20180406Spring Beginning Painting Assignment 3: StatementSloan, John S
20180406_beg_ptg_statement_assignment_shainker.jpg.jpg20180406Spring Beginning Painting Assignment 3: StatementShainker, Jessica
20180406_beg_ptg_statement_assignment_aquila.jpg.jpg20180406Spring Beginning Painting Assignment 3: StatementAquila, Benjamin
1957-08-03Memphis World, 1957 August 3rdBeauchamp, J. A.
1957-12-25Memphis World, 1957 December 25thBeauchamp, J. A.
1957-08-10Memphis World, 1957 August 10thBeauchamp, J. A.
1957-08-17Memphis World, 1957 August 17thBeauchamp, J. A.
1957-08-21Memphis World, 1957 August 21stBeauchamp, J. A.
1957-08-14Memphis World, 1957 August 14thBeauchamp, J. A.
1957-08-07Memphis World, 1957 August 7thBeauchamp, J. A.
1957-12-21Memphis World, 1957 December 21stBeauchamp, J. A.
1957-10-23Memphis World, 1957 October 23rdBeauchamp, J. A.
1957-12-14Memphis World, 1957 December 14thBeauchamp, J. A.
1957-12-11Memphis World, 1957 December 11thBeauchamp, J. A.
1957-07-27Memphis World, 1957 July 27thBeauchamp, J. A.
1957-07-31Memphis World, 1957 July 31stBeauchamp, J. A.
1957-11-20Memphis World, 1957 November 20thBeauchamp, J. A.
1957-12-18Memphis World, 1957 December 18thBeauchamp, J. A.
1957-11-06Memphis World, 1957 November 6thBeauchamp, J. A.
1957-11-30Memphis World, 1957 November 30thBeauchamp, J. A.
1957-11-23Memphis World, 1957 November 23rdBeauchamp, J. A.
1957-11-16Memphis World, 1957 November 16thBeauchamp, J. A.
1957-09-25Memphis World, 1957 September 25thBeauchamp, J. A.
1957-09-21Memphis World, 1957 September 21stBeauchamp, J. A.
1957-10-02Memphis World, 1957 October 2ndBeauchamp, J. A.
1957-10-09Memphis World, 1957 October 9thBeauchamp, J. A.
1957-10-05Memphis World, 1957 October 5thBeauchamp, J. A.
1957-09-28Memphis World, 1957 September 28thBeauchamp, J. A.
1957-10-12Memphis World, 1957 October 12thBeauchamp, J. A.
1957-10-16Memphis World, 1957 October 16thBeauchamp, J. A.
1957-10-19Memphis World, 1957 October 19thBeauchamp, J. A.
1957-07-24Memphis World, 1957 July 24thBeauchamp, J. A.
1957-09-18Memphis World, 1957 September 18thBeauchamp, J. A.
1957-08-28Memphis World, 1957 August 28thBeauchamp, J. A.
1957-09-11Memphis World, 1957 September 11thBeauchamp, J. A.
1957-08-24Memphis World, 1957 August 24thBeauchamp, J. A.
1957-09-07Memphis World, 1957 September 7thBeauchamp, J. A.
1957-09-04Memphis World, 1957 September 4thBeauchamp, J. A.
1957-09-14Memphis World, 1957 September 14thBeauchamp, J. A.
1957-08-31Memphis World, 1957 August 31stBeauchamp, J. A.
1957-07-10Memphis World, 1957 July 10thBeauchamp, J. A.
1957-02-06Memphis World, 1957 February 6thBeauchamp, J. A.
1957-10-30Memphis World, 1957 October 30thBeauchamp, J. A.
1957-02-02Memphis World, 1957 February 2ndBeauchamp, J. A.
1957-02-20Memphis World, 1957 February 20thBeauchamp, J. A.
1957-02-09Memphis World, 1957 February 9thBeauchamp, J. A.
1957-07-13Memphis World, 1957 July 13thBeauchamp, J. A.
1957-02-13Memphis World, 1957 February 13thBeauchamp, J. A.
1957-07-20Memphis World, 1957 July 20thBeauchamp, J. A.
1957-07-17Memphis World, 1957 July 17thBeauchamp, J. A.
1957-06-15Memphis World, 1957 June 15thBeauchamp, J. A.
1957-06-22Memphis World, 1957 June 22ndBeauchamp, J. A.
1957-06-26Memphis World, 1957 June 26thBeauchamp, J. A.
1957-06-29Memphis World, 1957 June 29thBeauchamp, J. A.
1957-07-03Memphis World, 1957 July 3rdBeauchamp, J. A.
1957-06-19Memphis World, 1957 June 19thBeauchamp, J. A.
1957-07-06Memphis World, 1957 July 6thBeauchamp, J. A.
1957-06-08Memphis World, 1957 June 8thBeauchamp, J. A.
1957-05-22Memphis World, 1957 May 22ndBeauchamp, J. A.
1957-01-30Memphis World, 1957 January 30thBeauchamp, J. A.
1957-06-01Memphis World, 1957 June 1stBeauchamp, J. A.
1957-05-29Memphis World, 1957 May 29thBeauchamp, J. A.
1957-06-12Memphis World, 1957 June 12thBeauchamp, J. A.
1957-06-05Memphis World, 1957 June 5thBeauchamp, J. A.
1957-05-25Memphis World, 1957 May 25thBeauchamp, J. A.
1957-05-08Memphis World, 1957 May 8thBeauchamp, J. A.
1957-05-11Memphis World, 1957 May 11thBeauchamp, J. A.
1957-05-04Memphis World, 1957 May 4thBeauchamp, J. A.
1957-05-18Memphis World, 1957 May 18thBeauchamp, J. A.
1957-05-15Memphis World, 1957 May 15thBeauchamp, J. A.
1957-01-26Memphis World, 1957 January 26thBeauchamp, J. A.
1957-04-27Memphis World, 1957 April 27thBeauchamp, J. A.
1957-05-01Memphis World, 1957 May 1stBeauchamp, J. A.
1957-03-30Memphis World, 1957 March 30thBeauchamp, J. A.
1957-04-10Memphis World, 1957 April 10thBeauchamp, J. A.
1957-04-20Memphis World, 1957 April 20thBeauchamp, J. A.
1957-04-03Memphis World, 1957 April 3rdBeauchamp, J. A.
1957-01-23Memphis World, 1957 January 23rdBeauchamp, J. A.
1957-04-24Memphis World, 1957 April 24thBeauchamp, J. A.
1957-04-17Memphis World, 1957 April 17thBeauchamp, J. A.
1957-04-06Memphis World, 1957 April 6thBeauchamp, J. A.
1957-04-13Memphis World, 1957 April 13thBeauchamp, J. A.
1957-03-27Memphis World, 1957 March 27thBeauchamp, J. A.
1957-03-20Memphis World, 1957 March 20thBeauchamp, J. A.
1957-03-13Memphis World, 1957 March 13thBeauchamp, J. A.
1957-03-23Memphis World, 1957 March 23rdBeauchamp, J. A.
1957-03-16Memphis World, 1957 March 16thBeauchamp, J. A.
1957-03-09Memphis World, 1957 March 9thBeauchamp, J. A.