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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
27-Aug-2008MATH 251-01, Differential Equationsm Fall 2008Gottlieb, Eric
4-Jun-2008MATH 261-01, Linear Algebra, Spring 2008Seaton, Christopher
14-Jan-2009MATH 261-01, Linear Algebra, Spring 2009Gottlieb, Eric
13-Jan-2010MATH 261-01, Linear Algebra, Spring 2010Seaton, Christopher
12-Jan-2011MATH 261-01, Linear Algebra, Spring 2011Gottlieb, Eric
11-Jan-2012MATH 261-01, Linear Algebra, Spring 2012Sheard, Michael
9-Jan-2013MATH 261-01, Linear Algebra, Spring 2013Gottlieb, Eric
18-Jun-2008MATH 311-01, Elementary Probability and Statistics, Fall 2005Mouron, Christopher
2007MATH 311-01, Elementary Probability and Statistics, Fall 2007Dunwell, Rachel
24-Aug-2009MATH 311-01, Probability Theory, Fall 2009Hamrick, Jeff
24-Aug-2011MATH 311-01, Probability Theory, Fall 2011Hamrick, Jeff
13-Jan-2010MATH 312-01, Mathematical Statistics, Spring 2010Hamrick, Jeff
24-Aug-2012MATH 315-01, Mathematical Modeling, Fall 2012Bodine, Erin
26-Jun-2008MATH 321-01, Real Analysis, Fall 2004Mouron, Christopher
27-Aug-2008MATH 321-01, Real Analysis, Fall 2008Mouron, Christopher
25-Aug-2010MATH 321-01, Real Analysis, Fall 2010Mouron, Christopher
24-Aug-2011MATH 321-01, Real Analysis, Fall 2011Mouron, Christopher
24-Aug-2012MATH 321-01, Real Analysis, Fall 2012Mouron, Christopher
13-Jan-2010MATH 322-01, Real Analysis II, Spring 2010Hamrick, Jeff
14-Jan-2009MATH 322-01, Real Analysis, Spring 2009Mouron, Christopher