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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
FSPC_MuchAdo_379.jpg.jpg3-Dec-2010Miss Julia Dean as BeatricePrice, G.E., sculp.
FSPC_MuchAdo_379.jpg.jpg2-Dec-2010Miss Julia Dean as BeatricePrice, G.E., sculp.
FSPC_Dream_041.jpg.jpg11-Nov-2009Miss Julia Harland and Miss Conquest as Oberon and PuckMoore, J. C., 1829-1880, del.; Paine of Islington, photographer
FSPC_Cymbeline_462.jpg.jpg18-Feb-2011Miss Laura Addison as ImogenHollis, Thomas, 1818-1843, sculp.; Paine of Islington, photographer
FSPC_Cymbeline_465.jpg.jpg18-Feb-2011Miss Laura Addison as ImogenHollis, Thomas, 1818-1843, sculp.; Paine of Islington, photographer
FSPC_Merchant_405.jpg.jpg1856Miss Laura Keene as PortiaButtre, John Chester, 1821-1893, sculp.
FSPC_Dream_042.jpg.jpg11-Nov-2009Miss Lizzie Weston as Oberon-
FSPC_Merry_443.jpg.jpg1855Miss Mary Taylor as Mrs. Page-
FSPC_Dream_022.jpg.jpg11-Nov-2009Miss Vincent as Oberon standing on a sphere-
FSPC_Like_235.jpg.jpg3-Dec-2009Miss Woolgar as Rosalind.Mayall, John Jabez Edwin, 1810-1901, photographer; Greatbach, George, del.
2005The Mississippi Delta: The Third World in America Why the Delta Remains Trapped in PovertyGramm, Teresa Beckham; Gramm, Marshall K.; Ackerman, Katharine
Postcard_memphis_tn_mississippi_river_001.jpg.jpg31-Oct-2007Mississippi River and Riverside Drive by moonlight-
meyers_missy_loom.1973.jpg.jpg1974Missy Meyers ('74) at the loom, 1973Uthman, Edward '74
FSPC_Merry_441.jpg.jpg14-Feb-2011Mistress Ford-
FSPC_Merry_442.jpg.jpg14-Feb-2011Mistress Ford-
FSPC_Merry_430.jpg.jpg15-Feb-2011Mistress FordMeadows, (Joseph) Kenny, 1790-1874, del.; Cook, Henry, 1819-ca. 1890, sculp.
FSPC_Merry_431.jpg.jpg15-Feb-2011Mistress PageMeadows, (Joseph) Kenny, 1790-1874, del.; Holl, Benjamin, 1808-1884, sculp.
Mladen Mrkaie, #10_guard_Rhodes BB  2003-04.jpg.jpg2003Mladen Mrkaie, #10, guard-
Mock Berlin Wall_by_Sweeney_fall_1989_01.jpg.jpgNov-1989Mock Berlin Wall-
Mock Berlin Wall_pg37_1990_Yrbk_04.jpg.jpgNov-1989Mock Berlin Wall-