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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
24-Aug-2011CHEM 211-01, Organic Chemistry, Fall 2011Peterson, Larryn
25-Aug-1999CHEM 211-01, Organix Chemistry, Fall 1999Works, Andrea
25-Aug-2010CHEM 211-02, Introduction to Organic Chemistry, Fall 2010Smith, Valerie
Aug-2003CHEM 211-04 and 05, Organic Chemistry, Fall 2003Redfern, Richard
20-Aug-2006CHEM 211-L1, Introductory Organic Chemistry Laboratory, Fall 2006Sheridan, Patrick; Le, Julie Cong-Dung
15-Jan-2003CHEM 212-01 and 02, Organic Chemistry,Spring 2003Redfern, Richard
22-Feb-2008CHEM 212-01, Introductory Organic Chemistry, Spring 2008Le, Julie Cong-Dung
2006CHEM 310-01, Methods in Biochemistry and Cell Biology, Fall 2006Hill, Terry W.; Loprete, Darlene
24-Aug-2011CHEM 310-01, Methods in Biochemistry and Cell Biology, Fall 2011Loprete, Darlene
27-Aug-2003CHEM 311-01, Physical Chemistry 1, fall 2003Mortimer, Robert G.
23-Aug-2000CHEM 311-01, Physical Chemistry I and Lab, Fall 2000Mortimer, Robert G.
25-Aug-1999CHEM 311-01, Physical Chemistry I, Fall 1999Mortimer, Robert G.
20-Aug-2006CHEM 311-01, Physical Chemistry, Fall 2006Cafiero, Mauricio
24-Aug-2011CHEM 311-01, Physical Chemistry, Fall 2011Cafiero, Mauricio
23-Aug-2000CHEM 325-01, Techniques in Biochemistry, Fall 2000Loprete, Darlene M.
25-Aug-1999CHEM 385-386, Junior Seminar, Fall 1999Pendley, Bradford D.
23-Aug-2000CHEM 385-386, Junior Seminar, Fall 2000Mortimer, Robert G.
28-Aug-2002CHEM 385-386, Junior Seminar, Fall 2002Pendley, Bradford D.
27-Aug-2003CHEM 385-386, Junior Seminar, Fall 2003Jeter, David Y.; Teepe, Annette
15-Jan-2003CHEM 385-386, Junior Seminar, Spring 2003Pendley, Bradford D.