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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-Mar-2008ENGL 230-02, Shakespeare's Major Plays, Spring 2008Newstok, Scott L.
8-Jan-2014ENGL 230-02, Shakespeare, Spring 2014Newstok, Scott L.
11-Jan-2012ENGL 235-01, Performing Nations: British, Irish, and Anglophone Drama, Spring 2012Bogucki, Michael
12-Jan-2011ENGL 235-01, World Drama, Spring 2011Jellerson, Donald
22-Aug-2001ENGL 241-01 and 02, History and Criticism of american Cinema, Fall 2001Cohen, Thomas
28-Aug-2002ENGL 241-01 and 02, History and Criticism of American Cinema, Fall 2002Cohen, Thomas
26-Aug-1998ENGL 241-01, American Film, Fall 1998-
27-Aug-2008ENGL 241-01, From Hollywood to Planet Hollywood, American Cinema: History and Criticism, Fall 2008Richards, Rashna
25-Aug-2010ENGL 241-01, From Hollywoodland to Planet Hollywood: History of American Cinema, Fall 2010Richards, Rashna
25-Aug-2004ENGL 241-01, History and Criticism of American Cinema, Fall 2004Cohen, Thomas
17-Jan-2008ENGL 242-01, World Cinama, Spring 2007Cohen, Thomas
28-Feb-2008ENGL 242-01, World Film, Spring 1999-
15-Jan-2003ENGL 242-01, World Film, Spring 2003Cohen, Thomas
22-Aug-2013ENGL 245, Documentary Cinema, Fall 2013Richards, Rashna
13-Jan-2010ENGL 245-01, Chick Flicks and Macho Movies: Gender Genre and American Cinema, Spring 2010Richards, Rashna
22-Feb-2008ENGL 245-01, Special Topics in Film, Fall 2007Cohen, Thomas
28-Aug-2002ENGL 245-01, Special Topics in Film,, Fall 2002Cohen, Thomas
29-Aug-2005ENGL 245-01, Special Topics in Film: Documentary Film and Video, Fall 2005Cohen, Thomas
22-Aug-2001ENGL 245-01, Special Topics in Film: Nonfiction, Fall 2001Cohen, Thomas
26-Aug-1998ENGL 251-01, Advanced Essay Writing, Fall 1998Brady, Jennifer