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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
9-Jan-2013ENGL 385-01, Critical Thoery and Methodology, Spring 2013Richards, Rashna
27-Aug-2008ENGL 385-01, John Fletcher: The Case for Collaborative Authorship, Fall 2008Brady, Jennifer
29-Aug-2005ENGL 385-01, Junior Seminar: Faulkner and Morrison, Fall 2005Boswell, Marshall
12-Jan-2005ENGL 385-01, Literature Before Print, spring 2005Uselmann, Susan
28-Aug-2002ENGL 385-01, Modern Irish Literature: Colonial and Postcolonial. Fall 2002Bigelow, Gordon
31-Mar-2008ENGL 385-01, Postcolonial Studies, Spring 2008Mallot, J. Edward
10-Jan-2001ENGL 385-01, the Modern Novel of Development, Spring 2001Shaffer, Brian W.
12-Jan-2011ENGL 385-01/02, Critical Theory and Methodology, Spring 2011Richards, Jason
26-Aug-1998ENGL 385-01: Topics in Advanced Literary Study, Fall 1998Boswell, Marshall
25-Aug-2004ENGL 385-02, Advanced Literary Topics: Seventeenth Century RevolutionsGates, Daniel
25-Feb-2008ENGL 385-02, Advanced Topics: Medieval Literature, Fall 2007Uselmann, Susan
13-Jan-2010ENGL 385-02, Critical Theory and Methodology, Spring 2010Richards, Jason
11-Jan-2012ENGL 385-02, Critical Theory and Methodology, Spring 2012Richards, Rashna
22-Aug-2001ENGL 385-02, Modernism, Fall 2001Hilgart, John
27-Aug-2008ENGL 385-02, Tea at the Palace of Hoon: Solving the Mysteries of Modern Poetry, Fally 2008Barr, Tina
9-Jan-2013ENGL 400-01, Advanced Poetry Workshop, Spring 2013Wilkinson, Catherine
13-Jan-2010ENGL 400-01, Creative Writing: Advanced Poetry Workshop, Spring 2010Sellers, Danielle
11-Jan-2012ENGL 400-01, Creative Writing: Advanced Poetry Workshop/Poetics, Spring 2012Molinary, M.
8-Jan-2014ENGL 401, Advanced Fiction Workshop, Spring 2014Behr, Mark
26-Aug-2009ENGL 401-01, Advanced Fiction Writing, Fall 2009Boswell, Marshall