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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-Jan-2009CS 465-01, Databases, Spring 2010Sanders, Betsy Williams
26-Feb-2009CS 465-01, Special Topics: Artificial Intelligence, Fall 2012Kirlin, Phillip
6-Feb-2009CS 485 -01, Senior Seminar, Fall 2010Breck, Eric
22-Feb-2009CS 485 -01, Senior Seminar, Fall 2012Sanders, Betsy Williams
1-Feb-2009CS 486 -01, Senior Seminar, Spring 2010Sanders, Betsy Williams
12-Feb-2009CS 486 -01, Senior Seminar, Spring 2011Breck, Eric
18-Feb-2009CS 486 -01, Senior Seminar, Spring 2012Sanders, Betsy Williams
5-Mar-2009CS 486 -01, Senior Seminar, Spring 2013Sanders, Betsy Williams
7-Feb-2009CS DI-01, Directed Inquiry in Advanced Networking and Security, Fall 2010Breck, Eric
RV_CujoFountainP0075_01.jpg.jpg1993Cujo Memorial PlaqueVandewalle '12, Rebecca
cullen.jpg.jpg2008Cullen, field hockey player-
2014Cultural Capital and its Relationship to Academic Achievement: The Case of Shelby County High SchoolsPerson, Natalie K.; Fritzlen, Katherine A.
2015X-003_front.jpg.jpg20-Jul-2015Cup from Hasanlu, Iranian / Azerbaijan c. 900 BC (gold)-
IMG_0743.JPG.jpg10-Jun-2008Cuprite, MalachiteGeology Department; Corbitt, Nathan P.
D3706.jpg.jpgJun-2011Curetes Street of EphesusTronchin, Francesca C.
1998FacAlum006.jpg.jpg21-Nov-1998Current Faculty Exhibit Installation Images-
2005Current Musical Trends in Memphis Area Evangelical ChurchesTimothy Huebner; Tanner, Ben
1998Curriculum Report-
cut_and_paste20150807_0412.jpg.jpg8-Sep-2014"Cut & Paste" muralTaylor, Kyle
IMG_1075.JPG.jpg8-Jun-2008CyaniteGeology Department; Corbitt, Nathan P.