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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
26-Aug-2009ENGL 265-02, Introduction to African Americna Literature, Fall 2009Watkins, Rychetta
22-Feb-2008ENGL 265-02, Kafka's Animals, Fall 2007Maurer, Karl-Heinz
9-Jan-2013ENGL 265-02, Shakespeare: Questions of Text and Questions of Performance, Spring 2013Leslie, Michael
8-Jan-2014ENGL 265-02, Special Topics: Masters of the American Short Story, Spring 2014Boswell, Marshall
28-Feb-2008ENGL 265-02, Words and Healing: Literature and Medicine, Spring 1999Pitts, M. E.
22-Aug-2012ENGL 265-03, American Fiction of the Gilded Age, Fall 2012Brady, Jennifer
22-Aug-2013ENGL 265-03, American Fiction of the Gilded Age, Fall 2013Brady, Jennifer
25-Aug-2010ENGL 265-03, Introduction to African American Literature, Fall 2010Watkin, Rychetta
27-Aug-2008ENGL 265-03, The New Woman in American Literature, Fall 2008Petty, Leslie
26-Aug-2009ENGL 265-03, The Postcolonial Short Story, Fall 2009Richards, Jason
31-Mar-2008ENGL 265-03. The American Dream, Spring 2008Petty, Leslie
22-Aug-2013ENGL 265-04, British Historical Fiction, Fall 2013Leslie, Michael
22-Aug-2012ENGL 265-04, Ideas of Empire in British Literature: Dreams Nightmares and Responses, Fall 2012Leslie, Michael
8-Jan-2014ENGL 285, Text and Context, Spring 2014Richards, Jason
25-Aug-2010ENGL 285-01&02, Text and Context, Fall 2010Leslie, Michael
25-Aug-2011ENGL 285-01&02, Text and Context, Fall 2011Richards, Jason
13-Jan-2010ENGL 285-01&02, Text and Context, Spring 2010Petty, Leslie
26-Aug-2009ENGL 285-01, Text and Context, Fall 2009Leslie, Michael
22-Aug-2013ENGL 285-01, Text and Context, Fall 2013Bigelow, Gordon
12-Jan-2011ENGL 285-01, Text and Context, Spring 2011Richards, Jason