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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2000GERM 102-01, Elementry German, Spring 2000Dinkelacker, Horst R.
7-Apr-2008GERM 102-01, Introductory German, Spring 2008Mattson, Michelle
Aug-1999GERM 201-01, Intermediate German, Fall 1999Schmidt, Sabine
11-Jan-2008GERM 201-01, Intermediate German, Fall 2006Mattson, Michelle
5-Sep-2008GERM 201-01, Intermediate German, Fall 2007Maurer, Karl-Heinz
12-Jan-2000GERM 202-01, Intermediate German, Spring 2000Schmidt, Sabine
5-Sep-2008GERM 240-01 340-01, German Cinema, 2007 FallMattson, Michelle
5-Sep-2008GERM 248-01 348-01, ENGL 265-01, Kaftka's Animals, Fall 2007Maurer, Karl-Heinz
22-Aug-2007GERM 301-01, Advanced Reading Comprehension, Fall 2007Mattson, Michelle
11-Jan-2008GERM 301-01, Readings Advanced German, Fall 2006Mattson, Michelle
12-Jan-2000GERM 302-01, Advanced Grammar, Spring 2000Dinkelacker, Horst R.
12-Jan-2000GERM 304-01, German Culture and Civilization, Spring 2000Dinkelacker, Horst R.
2006GERM 304-01, Literature, Culture, Society 1870-1945, Fall 2006Maurer, Karl-Heinz
11-Jan-2008GERM 308-01, Holocaust in text, image and memoryMattson, Michelle
5-Sep-2008GERM 320-01, Literature, Culture and Society 1750-1870, 2007 FallMaurer, Karl-Heinz
22-Aug-2007GERM 320-01, Literature, Culture and Society, 1750-1870, Fall 2007Maurer, Karl-Heinz
22-Aug-2007GERM 340-01, German Cinema, Fall 2007Mattson, Michelle
7-Apr-2008GERM 409-01, Special Topics, Spring 2008Mattson, Michelle
7-Apr-2008GERM 486-01. Senior Seminar, Spring 2008Mattson, Michelle
28-Jun-1905German Study Abroad Brochure, 2006Modern Languages and Literature, Department of