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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
F_128_Davidson_House_1.jpg.jpg2016-10M. O. Davidson House-
Pohlman_Spence_Wilson_1999.jpg.jpg1999M. Pohlman and Spence Wilson, awards ceremony-
MARLA_Quick_Sheet_20080209.jpg.jpg2008-02-09M.A.R.L.A. Memphis Area Residence Life Association-
Alumni_Canjunfest_Football_2007 (3).JPG.jpg2007Mac Macwhirter at Cajunfest-
20051112_cajunfest (16).JPG.jpg2005-11-12Mac Mchirter at Cajunfest in 2005-
13.jpg.jpg2007Mac McWhirter at the Sigma Nu Fish Fry with his sonSigma Nu Fraternity
Mac_McWhirter.jpg.jpg1998Mac McWhirter, '73-
FSPC_Mac_126.jpg.jpg2009-11-04T18:41:20ZMacbeth Act 1. Scene 2.-
FSPC_Mac_138.jpg.jpg2009-11-09T22:07:32ZMacbeth Act 2, Scene 2.Corbould, Henry, 1787-1844, del.; Rolls, Charles, c. 1800-1857,sculp.
FSPC_Mac_129.jpg.jpg2009-11-04T19:40:44ZMacbeth Act 4. Scene 1.Thurston, John, 1774-1822, del.; Rhodes, Richard, 1765-1838, sculp.
FSPC_Mac_156.jpg.jpg2009-11-10T18:07:25ZMacbeth Act V. Sc. LastGraf, J., Printer to her Majesty
FSPC_Mac_148.jpg.jpg2009-11-10T17:09:33ZMacbeth, Act 1 Scene 3.-
FSPC_Mac_137.jpg.jpg2009-11-09T21:42:33ZMacbeth, Act 2, Scene 2.Worthington, William Henry, 1790-1839, del.; Fox, Augustus, fl. 1841-1849, sculp.
FSPC_Mac_149.jpg.jpg2009-11-10T17:16:28ZMacbeth, Act 5-
FSPC_Mac_130.jpg.jpg2009-11-04T19:48:25ZMacbeth, Act II, Scene I.Raimbach, Abraham, 1776-1843, del.; Cook, Thomas, 1744/45?-1818, sculp.
FSPC_Mac_128.jpg.jpg2009-11-04T19:33:56ZMacbeth, Act II, Scene I.Raimbach, Abraham, 1776-1843, del.; Cook, Thomas, 1744/45?-1818, painter
FSPC_Mac_139.jpg.jpg2009-11-09T22:10:52ZMacbeth, Act V, Scene 1unknown
FSPC_Mac_133.jpg.jpg2009-11-04T20:03:50ZMacbeth, Lady Macbeth, Ross, Lennox, Ghost &cc.Westall, Richard, 1765-1836, R. A., del.; Starling, William Francis, fl. 1832-1883, sculp.
P5080564.JPG.jpg2000T17:25:28ZThe Mace of Rhodes College arrives on campus, 2000-