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dc.contributor.authorShade, Patrick A.-
dc.descriptionThis syllabus was submitted to the Rhodes College Office of Academic Affairs by the course instructor.en_US
dc.description.abstractThis is a class in careful critical thinking. You will find some of it rudimentary, some of it obtuse and seemingly irrelevant. Some parts of the course will remind you of a writing class, while others will be reminiscent of a math class. As the semester progresses, though, you should see how relevant critical thinking is to many arenas of life, from studying and writing to voting and working in an information age. Your general goal in this course should be to assess, develop, and improve your critical thinking skills. You regularly utilize the reasoning skills studied in this course, even if you don’t identify them as such. These skills are tools that enable us to better decide what to think and do. But tools are beneficial only if we use them, so I encourage you to strive to be like the master carpenter who uses tools with great finesse for a wide variety of tasks. We will spend much time exploring the many tools at our disposal and sharpening our application of them to various problems. A curious and open mind will help with the former; lots of practice will facilitate the latter.en_US
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dc.subject2005 Fallen_US
dc.titlePHIL 206-01, Logic, Fall 2005en_US
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