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From the webpage 2009: Rhodes recognizes that a liberal education extends beyond the classroom and encourages our students to take part in outside study, research, creative activity, internships and community service—locally, nationally and internationally. In fact, the Rhodes curriculum includes a “Beyond the Gates” component, which prompts students to approach real-world situations with the thoughtfulness required in an academic course. At its best, experiential learning allows a student to practice skills and explore more deeply principles acquired through coursework. Most often the opportunity to discover and create on one’s own builds confidence and passion. Students return hungry for more information. Some fellowships also help pay for college. Rhodes has pioneered several programs such as CODA, Crossroads to Freedom, Rhodes St. Jude Summer Plus, the Rhodes Institute for Regional Studies, the Rhodes Learning Corridor and the Rhodes Student Associate Program that provide springboards for student success. These programs have been popular and had an impact on the College.