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Title: Professor Michelle Matson's FDE talk December 3, 2007
Other Titles: Mothers Care? Models of Motherhod and their Ethical implications in post-WWII German Literature.
Authors: Faculty Development Committee
Keywords: Faculty;Faculty Development Committee;Text
Issue Date: 2-Jan-2008
Series/Report no.: FDE Luncheon Series
Abstract: Abstract: This talk compares early texts from feminist ethicists (Nel Noddings and Sara Ruddick) that focus on care and/or mothering as the basis for ethical models with literary works by two German authors (Christa Wolf and Ingeborg Drewitz) which challenge these models and reveal their structural problems. Although the literary works appeared generally shortly before the feminist scholarship, they all participate in a discussion of how women’s experiences as mothers and care-givers can and/or should factor into the construction of ethical models. Furthermore, the conflicts that come to the fore in the literary texts foreshadow the directions that feminist ethicists themselves went in a continuing dialogue about feminist contributions to the study of ethics. Specifically, the talk 1) explores how these two authors illustrate the potential problems with an ethics based either on “maternal thinking” or on a more abstract notion of caring; 2) discusses the directions in which their work points us; and 3) also uses feminist scholarly discussions on ethics as conceptual tools to illuminate more fully the central conflicts in the literary texts themselves.
Description: This email was sent to the Rhodes College community by Shira Malkin.
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