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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Annah Lee Early.PNG.jpg1979-04-24Annah Early, member of Evergreen Presbyterian Church, 1979Early, Annah L.; Faudree, Pat; Tilly, Bette
Charles Drake-Lucy Collins.PNG.jpg1979-04-26Charles Drake and Lucy Collins, Evergreen residents, 1979Drake, Charles F.; Collins, Lucy J.; Faudree, Pat; Tilly, Bette
David M Hilliard.PNG.jpg1905-06-01David Hilliard, reverend, 1979Hilliard, David M.; Faudree, Pat; Tilly, Bette
Elanor Richmond.PNG.jpg1979-05-11Eleanor Richmond, school teacher, 1979Richmond, Eleanor; Faudree, Pat
Frances Rosenstein.PNG.jpg1979-06-12Frances Rosenstein, Evergreen resident, 1979Rosenstein, Frances; Faudree, Pat; Tilly, Bette; Belle, Eva
19790622_Grace_Holt.JPG.jpg1979-06-22Grace Rudisell-Holt, Evergreen resident, 1979Rudisell-Holt, Grace; Faudree, Pat; Cates, Bena
Camille Sparks.PNG.jpg1979-06-05Interview with Camille Sparks, Midtown Memphis resident, 1979Sparks, Camille; Faudree, Pat; Cates, Bena
Jameson Jones.PNG.jpg1979-06-28Jameson Jones, Academic Dean at Southwestern, 1979Jones, Jameson M.; Jones, Sophie; Faudree, Pat; Cates, Bena
Jeff Marmon.PNG.jpg1979-06-20Jeff Marmon, Evergreen resident, 1979Marmon, Jeff A., Jr.; Faudree, Pat; Cates, Bena
Jessie Latham Perkins.PNG.jpg1979-03-28Jessie Perkins, Evergreen resident, 1979Perkins, Jessie L.; Faudree, Pat; Tilly, Bette
Jim Wood.PNG.jpg1979-04-17Jim Wood, 1979Wood, Jim; Faudree, Pat; Tilly, Bette
Kay Portman.PNG.jpg1979-05-24Kay Portman, MMIA president, 1979Portman, Kay; Faudree, Pat; Cates, Bena
Margaret and Frances  Johnson.PNG.jpg1979-06-11Margaret and Frances Johnson, 1979Johnson, Margaret; Johnson, Frances; Faudree, Pat; Tilly, Bette
Robert K Williams.PNG.jpg1979-04-17Mrs. Robert Williams, Evergreen resident, 1979Williams, Mrs. Robert K.; Tilly, Bette; Faudree, Pat
Sam Seessel.PNG.jpg1979Sam Seessel, Evergreen resident, c.1979Seessel, Sam; Faudree, Pat; Tilly, Bette
Virginia Busby.PNG.jpg1979Virginia Busby, Evergreen resident, c.1979Busby, Virginia; Faudree, Pat; Cates, Bena