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19511029_Mitchell_Insurance_Certificate_117793.jpg.jpg1947-07Andrew Mitchell Insurance Certificate, 1951Minneapolis Fire and Marine Insurance Company; Sam Plough General Insurance; Mitchell, Andrew "Sunbeam"
19620827_Big_Ten_Rental_Contract_Club_Handy_117845.jpg.jpg1962-08-27Big Ten Social Club Rental Contract for Club Handy, 1962Mitchell, Andrew "Sunbeam"; Big Ten Social Club
1960_Miscellaneous_Items_117660.jpg.jpg1960Business Cards and Ticket Stubs, 1960sTop Ten Club (Memphis, Tenn.); Pantaze Drug Store (Memphis, Tenn.); Mitchell Hotel (Memphis, Tenn.); Mitchell's Grill (Memphis, Tenn.); Club Handy (Memphis, Tenn.); Gilmore Motors, Inc. (Memphis, Tenn.); The Watch Clinic (Memphis, Tenn.); Mitchell, Andrew "Sunbeam"
19620812_Club_Handy_Rental_Contract_Kingsmen_Social_Club_117842.jpg.jpg1962-08-12Club Handy Rental Contract with Kingsmen Social Club, 1962Kingsmen Social Club; Mitchell, Andrew "Sunbeam"
19620922_Club_Handy_Rental_Contract_Marquett_Social_Club_117846.jpg.jpg1962-09-21Club Handy Rental Contract with Marquetts Social Club, 1962The Marquetts Social Club; Mitchell, Andrew "Sunbeam"
19541223_Bill_Harvey_BB_King_Mitchell_Contract_117847.jpg.jpg1954-12-23Contract Hiring Bill Harvey ft. B.B. King, 1954Buffalo Booking Agency; King, B.B.; Harvey, Bill (Saxophonist); Mitchell, Andrew "Sunbeam"
19590520_Andrew_Mitchell_Envelope_117802.JPG.jpg1959-05-20Envelope Addressed to Andrew Mitchell, 1959Mitchell, Andrew "Sunbeam"
19501029_Insurance_Invoice_for_Mitchell_117794.jpg.jpg1950-10-29Insurance Invoice for Andrew Mitchell, 1950Sam Plough General Insurance; Mitchell, Andrew "Sunbeam"
19590925_Insurance_Statement_for_Andrew_Mitchell_117795.jpg.jpg1959-09-25Insurance Statement for Andrew Mitchell, 1959Dick Moore, Inc.; Mitchell, Andrew "Sunbeam"
19541019_Bob_Astor_Letter_to_Andrew_Mitchell_117826.jpg.jpg1954-10-19Letter from Bob Astor of Shaw Artists Corp. to Andew Mitchell, 1954Astor, Bob; Mitchell, Andrew "Sunbeam"
19560326_Dick_Boone_Letter_to_Andrew_Mitchell_117828.jpg.jpg1956-03-26Letter from Dick Boone of Universal Attractions to Andrew Mitchell, 1956Boone, Dick; Mitchell, Andrew "Sunbeam"
19500915_Letter_from_Sam_Plough_to_Andrew_Mitchell_117509.jpg.jpg1950-09-15Letter from Sam Plough to Andrew Mitchell About Household Insurance, 1950Plough, Sam; Mitchell, Andrew "Sunbeam"
19501002_Letter_to_Andrew_Mitchell_from_Sam_Plough_117796.jpg.jpg1950-10-02Letter to Andrew Mitchell from Sam Plough, 1950Plough, Sam; Mitchell, Andrew "Sunbeam"
19590309_Mitchell_Order_for_Contract_Blanks_117799.jpg.jpg1959-03-09Letter to Andrew Mitchell from Talmadge Dickson, 1959Dickson, Talmadge F.; Mitchell, Andrew "Sunbeam"
Mitchell_Hotel_Grill_Payroll_117673.jpg.jpg-Mitchell Hotel and Grill PayrollMitchell Hotel (Memphis, Tenn.); Beale Street Development Corporation (BSDC); Mitchell, Andrew "Sunbeam"
19461101_Mitchell_Hotel_beer_license_117680.jpg.jpg1946-11-01Mitchell Hotel Beer License, 1946Tennessee Department of Finance and Taxation; Union Planters National Bank & Trust Co.; Mitchell, Andrew "Sunbeam"
19560901_Mitchell_Hotel_Loan_Assignments_117644.jpg.jpg1956-09-01Mitchell Hotel Loan Assignments, 1956Mitchell Hotel (Memphis, Tenn.); Mitchell, Andrew "Sunbeam"
19620825_Royal_Duke_Social_Club_Rental_Club_Handy_117837.jpg.jpg1965-08-25Royal Duke Social Club Rental Contract for Club Handy, 1962Mitchell, Andrew "Sunbeam"; Royal Duke Social Club