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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
anthony sabella.PNG.jpg1968-09-04Anthony Sabella, AFSCME Attorney, 1968Sabella, Anthony; Beckner, Tom; Yellin, David G.
crowns.PNG.jpg1968-05-13Arthur Crowns, Prof. of Sociology at Memphis State Univ., 1968Crowns, Arthur; Yellin, David G.; Ausprich, Harry
Bobby Doctor.JPG.jpg1968-06-17Bobby Doctor, U.s. Civil Rights Commission, 1968Doctor, Bobby; Thomas, Bill; Yellin, David G.
Charles Blackburn.JPG.jpg1968-05-29Charles Blackburn, Dir. of Memphis Public Works Department, 1968Blackburn, Charles; Yellin, David G.; Lewis, Marshall
charles holmes.PNG.jpg1968-06-27Charles Holmes, Public Relations Dir. for Memphis State Univ., 1968Holmes, Charles; Yellin, David G.; Yellin, Carol Lynn
Dan Kuykendall.JPG.jpg1968-08-30Dan Kuykendall, U.S Congressman, 1968Yellin, David G.; Thomas, Bill
caywood.PNG.jpg1968-05-20David Caywood, AFSCME Legal Consultant, 1968Caywood, David; Yellin, David G.; Trotter, Anne
death of bessie smith.PNG.jpg1968"Death of Bessie Smith" Cast Discussion, c. 1968Evans, Al; Yellin, David G.; Henderson, Eddie; Terry, Thomas; Lumberg, Anne; Faign, Eda
Dolph and Jessie Smith.JPG.jpg1971-11-21Dolph and Jesse Smith, 1971Smith, Dolph; Smith, Jesse; Yellin, Carol Lynn; Yellin, David G.
stimbert.PNG.jpg1968-11-04E. C. Stimbert, Superintendent of Memphis Public Schools, 1968Stimbert, Elden Carl (EC), 1908-2007; Yellin, Carol Lynn; Beifuss, Joan Turner; Yellin, David G.
Ed Gillis.JPG.jpg1968-06-02Ed Gillis, Memphis Public Works Dept. Employee, 1968Gillis, Ed; Yellin, David G.; Thomas, Bill
edward cook.PNG.jpg1968-02-11Edward W. "Ned" Cook, 1969Cook, Edward W. "Ned"; Yellin, David G.; Yellin, Carol Lynn; Beifuss, Joan Turner
eric lincoln.PNG.jpg1971-11-11Eric C. Lincoln, Professor of Sociology and Religion, 1971Lincoln, Eric C.; Yellin, David G.; Yellin, Carol Lynn
floyd newsum.PNG.jpg1968-05-16Floyd Newsum, Memphis City Fireman, 1968Newsum, Floyd; Yellin, David G.; Viar, Wilson
Frank Ahlgren.JPG.jpg1972-08-14Frank Ahlgren, Editor of the Commercial Appeal, 1972Ahlgren, Frank; Yellin, David G.; Yellin, Carol Lynn
holloman.PNG.jpg1973-08-14Frank Holloman, Dir. Memphis Fire and Police, August 14th 1973Yellin, David G.; Holloman, Frank
frank kallaher.PNG.jpg1970-03-07Frank Kallaher, Memphis Police Officer, 1970Kallaher, Frank J.; Yellin, David G.; Yellin, Carol Lynn; Beifuss, Joan Turner
frank miles.PNG.jpg1968-09-14Frank Miles, Mediator for Memphis Sanitation Strike, 1968Miles, Frank; Thomas, Bill; Yellin, David G.; Beifuss, Joan Turner
Gioia.JPG.jpg1968-07-09Frederick Gioia, Neurosurgeon at St. Joseph, 1968Yellin, David G.; White, Brad
Gladys Carpenter.JPG.jpg1968-09-11Gladys Carpenter, Sanitation Strike Protester, 1968Carpenter, Gladys; Yellin, David G.; Beifuss, Joan Turner