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Title: Italian commemorative medal, 1828
Artists: Cerbara, Nicola
Keywords: Italy;Michelangelo Buonarroti, 1475-1564;Medals
Issue Date: 1828
Abstract: General Description: This Michelangelo medal is dated in the exergue, 1828 and its obverse repeats the design of the Santarelli medal from 1812. The reverse is based on Michelangelo's image of the Prophet Zacharias on the Sistine Chapel Ceiling. It is often identified on the medal as a personification of hope or wisdom. Regardless, the choice of reverse not only pays homage to one of Michelangelo's more powerful designs but also implies a prophet-like association of the artist.
Obverse Description: The obverse bears a right side portrait of Michelangelo. The surround features the inscription "OBV: MICHAEL.ANGE LVS.BONARROTIVS/ NIC.CERBARA F.ROM.AN.1828."
Reverse Description: The reverse bears a man in a robe reading a book. The surround features the inscription "INGENIVM.TRIPLEX.DOCTO.PRAEFVLSIT.AB.ARNO/ MICHAEL.ANGELVS.BONARROTIVS.INV.E/PIN./NICOLAVS.CERBARA.SCVLP."
Historical Context:
Artist Biography: Born in Rome, Nicola Cerbara was an established medalist by 1823 when he began signing his own designs. His father and elder brother were also medalists and engravers. He worked in the Rome mint under four Popes. In 1846 Cerbara began a collaboration with Pietro Girometti for the series of illustrious Italian men (see medal entry under Girometti). In addition to medals he designed coins and gems. Cerbara died in Montepulciano.
Bibliography: See Mostra della medaglia neoclassica. Also see Eidlitz, 183; Ezio Terenzani, ed., 5th Triennale Italiana della Medaglia D'Arte E Mostra Dealla Medaglia Neoclassica in Italia, Udine, 1981, page 221, number 216. Notes C.G..N., n.1614 and collection C.J. n.1761. Also see example in the Thorvaldsen Museum, Copenhagen ( or (
Description: This medal was scanned and uploaded to DLynx by Bonnie Whitehouse '18 and Rachel Rotter '18 in the Visual Resources Center during the 2016-2017 school year.
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