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Collection of interviews and news broadcasts covering Martin Luther King's assassination, the 1968 Memphis Sanitation Workers' Strike, and other civil rights related news and events. Audio collected by the Memphis Search for Meaning Committee from 1968-1973.

"The Memphis Search for Meaning Committee, a bi-racial, volunteer, non-profit, community research and study group which had spontaneously banded together immediately after the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Conscious that, as Memphis citizens, we had been both witnesses to and participants in history, we had, for almost three years, been collecting material and information in an effort to achieve and communicate a fuller understanding of what had happened in our city and why it had happened."

Full collection available for streaming on Vimeo

From the Mississippi Valley Collection at the University of Memphis, collected by the Memphis Search for Meaning Committee from 1968-1973. Digital Audio (c) 2013, University of Memphis Libraries Preservation and Special Collections Department. All rights reserved. Use of this audio shall be governed by the University of Memphis Libraries "Duplication Agreement"

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Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 174
PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Gioia.JPG.jpg1968-07-09Frederick Gioia, Neurosurgeon at St. Joseph, 1968Yellin, David G.; White, Brad
Gilbert Patterson.JPG.jpg1968-06-04Rev. Gilbert Patterson, COME, 1968Patterson, G. E. (Gilbert Earl), 1939-2007; Beifuss, Joan Turner; Thompson, Modeane
Ed Gillis.JPG.jpg1968-06-02Ed Gillis, Memphis Public Works Dept. Employee, 1968Gillis, Ed; Yellin, David G.; Thomas, Bill
Billy Hyman.JPG.jpg1968-07-08Billy Hyman, Memphis City Council, 1968Hyman, Billy; Yellin, Carol Lynn; Beyer, Wilson Jr.
paul hess_transcript.PNG.jpg1968-08-01Paul Hess and John Mansfield, St. Joseph Hospital, 1968Hess, Paul; Mansfield, John; Beckner, Tom; Beifuss, Joan Turner
edward cook.PNG.jpg1968-02-11Edward W. "Ned" Cook, 1969Cook, Edward W. "Ned"; Yellin, David G.; Yellin, Carol Lynn; Beifuss, Joan Turner
downing pryor.PNG.jpg1968-05-08Downing Pryor, Memphis City Council, 1968Pryor, Downing; Trotter, Anne; Yellin, Carol Lynn; Beckner, Tom; Beifuss, Joan Turner
richard moon.PNG.jpg1968-05-29Rev. Richard Moon, Chaplain at Memphis State University, 1968Moon, Richard (Pastor)|Yellin, Carol Lynn; Beckner, Tom; Beifuss, Joan Turner
fred williams.PNG.jpg1968Fred Williams, c. 1968Williams, Fred; Beckner, Tom
luella cook.PNG.jpg1968-07-12Luella Cook, Sanitation Strike Marcher, 1968Cook, Luella; Yellin, Carol Lynn; Yellin, David G.
stimbert.PNG.jpg1968-11-04E. C. Stimbert, Superintendent of Memphis Public Schools, 1968Stimbert, Elden Carl (EC), 1908-2007; Yellin, Carol Lynn; Beifuss, Joan Turner; Yellin, David G.
caywood.PNG.jpg1968-05-20David Caywood, AFSCME Legal Consultant, 1968Caywood, David; Yellin, David G.; Trotter, Anne
William Ingram.JPG.jpg1968-09-07William B. Ingram, Memphis Mayor, 1968Ingram, William B.; Thomas, Bill; Beckner, Tom
ministters negotiations.PNG.jpg1968-02-16Ministers' Negotiations, February 16th 1968Beckner, Tom; McCray, Frank; Buron, Nicolas; White, James; Ciampa, P.J.; Paisley, Joe; Epps, Jesse; Jordan, James A.; Rabbi Wax
philip perel.PNG.jpg1968-05-30Phillip Perel, Memphis City Council, 1968Perel, Phillip; Sader, William; Lewis, Selma
charles holmes.PNG.jpg1968-06-27Charles Holmes, Public Relations Dir. for Memphis State Univ., 1968Holmes, Charles; Yellin, David G.; Yellin, Carol Lynn
pete sission.PNG.jpg1968-08-14Pete Sission, Memphis Public Works Commissioner, 1968Sisson, Thomas E. (Pete); Sater, Bill; Yellin, David G.
henry starks.PNG.jpg1968-07-31Rev. Henry Starks, COME Leader, 1968Starks, Henry L.; Beifuss, Joan Turner; Schultz, Judy
floyd newsum.PNG.jpg1968-05-16Floyd Newsum, Memphis City Fireman, 1968Newsum, Floyd; Yellin, David G.; Viar, Wilson
jesse epps.PNG.jpg1968-07-31Jesse Epps, AFSCME Field Representative, 1968Epps, Jesse; Beifuss, Joan Turner; Beckner, Tom
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 174

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Items include transcripts, when available, or computer generated captioning. Transcripts and captioning may contain errors.

Original media files available upon request.