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dc.contributorVictory Committee-
dc.descriptionA campaign brochure for Russell B. Sugarmon, Jr. and A.W. Willis, Jr. Entitled "We Need Negroes in State Government." It headlines the phrase "If Georgia Can Do It So Can We," referring to the recent victory of Julian Bond in Atlanta. Sugarmon is a candidate for the State Senate, Willis for the State House of Representatives, both referred to as "Freedom Fighters." Their nine-point joint platform highlights civil rights, womens rights, job creation, and education.-
dc.subjectAfrican Americans-
dc.subjectCivil rights-
dc.subjectSugarmon, Russell B., Jr.-
dc.subjectWillis, A. W., 1925-1988-
dc.subjectPolitical campaigns-
dc.titleCampaign Brochure: We Need Negro Representation in State Government, Sugarmon and A.W. Willis-
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