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The Cleaborn Homes Collection includes interviews with former residents of the Cleaborn Homes housing project in Memphis, Tennessee. Cleaborn Homes were part of Memphis public housing, specifically Foote Homes, which were segregated in the 1960s, and retained a largely African-American population continuing through the 1990s. Built in 1955, the 460 unit public housing project has provided a neighborhood and housing for thousands of people over the years.

Residents were asked to leave the complex in 2010 and in March, 2011, demolition began. Now known as Cleaborn Pointe, the area has faced redevelopment, including the closing of Foote Homes. In these interviews, former residents discuss their time in Cleaborn, which was often plagued by violence and the closing of businesses and schools. Former residents also describe the sense of community that Cleaborn Homes brought them during their time there.

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Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 33
PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Tinassa Tucker.PNG.jpg2011-07-30Tinassa Tucker, 2011Tucker, Tinassa; Jones, Stephanie; King, Jamie
Tiggs.PNG.jpg2011-08-09Willie_Tiggs, 2011Tiggs, Willie; Strauser, Matt
Vernita Barnes.PNG.jpg2011-07-27Vernita Barnes, 2011Barnes, Vernita; Jones, Stephanie; King, Jamie
VanessaTucker.PNG.jpg2011-07-21Vanessa Tucker, 2011Tucker, Vanessa; Jones, Stephanie
Tervillious Burns.png.jpg2011-07-27Tervillious Burns, 2011Burns, Tervillious; Jones, Stephanie
Sheryl Smith.png.jpg2011-08-01Sheryl Smith, 2011Smith, Sheryl; Jones, Stephanie
Sicero Tucker.png.jpg2011-07-21Sicero Tucker, 2011Tucker, Sicero; King, Jamie
Shaunte Whiting.png.jpg2011-07-18Shaunte Whiting, 2011Whiting, Shaunte; Li, Jiawen
Seville Johnson.jpg.jpg2011-07-13Seville Johnson, 2011Johnson, Seville; Moore, Hunter
Rosie Green.png.jpg2011-07-11Rosie Green, 2011Green, Rosie; Moore, Hunter
Sharen Whiting.png.jpg2011-07-15Sharen Whiting, 2011Whiting, Sharen; Strauser, Matt
RoseniaWhiting.PNG.jpg2011-07-14Rosenia Whiting, 2011Whiting, Rosenia; Strauser, Matt
Ronnie Johnson.png.jpg2011-07-21Ronnie Johnson, 2011Johnson, Ronnie; King, Jamie
Patosha Barnes.png.jpg2011-07-28Patosha Barnes, 2011Barnes, Patosha
Rodriguez Blount.png.jpg2011-07-21Rodriguez Blount, 2011Blount, Rodriguez; Jones, Stephanie
Mary Ayers.jpg.jpg2011-07-00Mary Ayers, 2011Ayers, Mary; Li, Jiawen
Oscar Ellis Jr.jpg.jpg2011-07-27Oscar Ellis Jr., 2011Elllis, Oscar, Jr.
Horce Whiting.jpg.jpg2011-07-19Horce Whiting, 2011Whiting, Horce
Joyce Johnson.PNG.jpg2011-07-15Joyce Johnson, 2011Johnson, Joyce; Moore, Hunter
HomerHarper.PNG.jpg2011-07-22Homer Harper, 2011Harper, Homer; Moore, Hunter
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 33

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