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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
OPE-18_010_front.jpg.jpg1971-10-13"Expressway 'Land Bridge' Proposed by Architect"Jones, Tom; Black, Kay Pittman
OPE-19_008.jpg.jpg1971-11-04"Final Arguments Begin in Park Expressway Trial"Black, Kay Pittman; Jones, Tom
OPE-18_014_front.jpg.jpg1971-10-14"Highway Department Begins Case for Overton X-Way"Jones, Tom; Black, Kay Pittman
OPE-19_010.jpg.jpg1971-11-04"Judge Brown May Remand X-Way Case to Volpe"Black, Kay Pittman; Jones, Tom
OPE-18_032_front.jpg.jpg1971-10-28"Maxson Against Siphon Idea; Maintenance, Malaria Cited"Jones, Tom; Black, Kay Pittman
OPE-19_011_front.jpg.jpg1971-11-05"Objectors Didn't Prove Prudent Alternative Route"Black, Kay Pittman; Jones, Tom
OPE-17_026.jpg.jpg1971-09-27"Overton Park X-Way Trial Opens: Choice of Alternate Routes Hit"Black, Kay Pittman; Jones, Tom; Leaptrott, William
OPE-20_001_front.jpg.jpg1972-01-05"Overton X-Way Case is Remanded to Volpe"Black, Kay Pittman
OPE-18_034_front.jpg.jpg1971-10-29"Park Board Behind Route, Says Lewis"Black, Kay Pittman; Jones, Tom
OPE-18_029_front.jpg.jpg1971-10-27"Park X-Way Noise Wouldn't Affect Zoo, Says Engineer"Jones, Tom; Black, Kay Pittman
OPE-18_030_01.jpg.jpg1971-10-27"Park X-Way Wouldn't Add To Pollution, Says Expert"Black, Kay Pittman; Jones, Tom
OPE-18_022_front.jpg.jpg1971-10-21"State Witness Attacks Overton Tunnel Proposal"Black, Kay Pittman; Jones, Tom
OPE-19_003.jpg.jpg1971-11-02"Traffic Flow on Expressway Aired Again"Black, Kay Pittman; Jones, Tom
OPE-15_013_01.jpg.jpg1970-12-16"U.S. Attorney Here Blasts DOT Lawyers for Sudden Change in Expressway"Black, Kay Pittman
OPE-19_013_front.jpg.jpg1971-11-11"Volpe 'Confused', Says Witness"Black, Kay Pittman
OPE-18_035_front.jpg.jpg1971-10-29"Water Level Near Surface in Park"Jones, Tom; Black, Kay Pittman
OPE-17_024_01.jpg.jpg1971-09-28"X-Way Route to Depreciate Land Values, Says Witness"Black, Kay Pittman; Jones, Tom