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2012-Cicely_Upham-Daughter_Your_Faith_Has_Healed_You-Bremer.pdf.jpg2012Daughter, Your Faith Has Healed You: An Emphasis on Faith for Addicts In RecoveryBremer, Thomas S.; Upham, Cicely
2011-Scarlett_DAnna-The_Faces_of_Water-Bremer.pdf.jpg2011The Faces of WaterBremer, Thomas S.; D'Anna, Jeannie (Scarlett)
2013-Lauren_Hales-Feeding_the_Soul-Bremer.pdf.jpg2013Feeding the Soul: The Church’s Response to HungerBremer, Thomas S.; Hales, Lauren S.
2009-Jami_King-Halsted_Street_Chicago-Bremer.pdf.jpg2009Halsted Street, Chicago / Mott Street, New York / Jefferson Street, Memphis: A Study in Contrast of Intentional Community in the Late 19th, 20th and 21st CenturiesBremer, Thomas S.; King, Jami
2014-Stephanie_Veech-Historic_Parks_and_Monuments-Bremer.pdf.jpg2014Historic Parks and Monuments: Bedford Forrest Park and the Controversy of Sacred Space versus Public PlaceBremer, Thomas S.; Veech, Stephanie D.
2010-Bailey_Romano-The_History_of_Music_at_Temple_Israel-Bremer.pdf.jpg2010The History of Music at Temple Israel: A Reflection of Evolving IdentityBremer, Thomas S.; Romano, Bailey
2010-Jill_Crenshaw-Homogenization_Blessed_Be-Bremer.pdf.jpg2010Homogenization? Blessed Be!: Exploring Tensions Between the Individual and Their Neopagan CommunityBremer, Thomas S.; Crenshaw, Jill
2009-Brent_Butgereit-Me_and_the_Devil-Bremer.pdf.jpg2009“Me and the Devil Was Walking Side by Side”: The Sacred/Secular Dichotomy and Its Inability to Comprehend Spirituals and the BluesBremer, Thomas S.; Butgereit, Brent
2012-Grace_Hicks-Moving_Past_the_Music-Bremer.pdf.jpg2012Moving Past the Music: An exploration of Reverend William Herbert Brewster's Opinions and Beliefs on Race Relations, Civil Rights, and Ethnological UpliftBremer, Thomas S.; Hicks, Grace M.
2016-Patton_Jack-Nashoba_Frances_Wrights_Civilizing_Mission-Bremer.pdf.jpg2016Nashoba: Frances Wright’s Civilizing MissionBremer, Thomas S.; Patton, James A (Jack)
2010-Jerica_Sandifer-Open_and_Affirming-Bremer.pdf.jpg2010"Open and Affirming": Shifting Church Identities in the Movement towards GLBT InclusionBremer, Thomas S.; Sandifer, Jerica
2017_Emily_Watkins.pdf.jpg2017Parenting Religiously: Values for Raising Children and Teaching Sex EducationBremer, Thomas S.; Watkins, Emily C.
2017_Devin_Dunkley.pdf.jpg2017Politicizing Education: Examining Islam in Tennessee’s Proposed Social Studies StandardsBremer, Thomas S.; Dunkley, Devin
2011-Jen_Kotrady-Reconciling_the_Irreconcilable-Bremer.pdf.jpg2011Reconciling the Irreconcilable: Overcoming the Dichotomized Perspectives that Hinder Progress in Reproductive HealthBremer, Thomas S.; Kotrady, Jennifer (Jen)
2006_fall_RELS_251-01.pdf.jpg2008-06-16T17:55:51ZRELS 251_01, Religion in America, 2006 FallBremer, Thomas S.
2006_fall_RELS_256-01.pdf.jpg2008-06-16T18:06:47ZRELS 256-01, Methods and Theories of the Study of Religion, Fall 2006Bremer, Thomas S.
2004_fall_RELS_258-01.pdf.jpg2008-04-16T01:15:13ZRELS 258-01 and 02, American Sacred Space, Fall 2004Bremer, Thomas S.
2009-Brendan_Keegan-Singing_the_Lords_Song_in_a_Foreign_Land-Bremer.pdf.jpg2009Singing the Lord's Song in a Foreign Land: A Look at Christianity's Importance For Sudanese Refugees and Congregations in MemphisBremer, Thomas S.; Keegan, Brendan
2013-Claire_Hautot-A_Spectrum_of_Appropriateness-Bremer.pdf.jpg2013A Spectrum of Appropriateness: Sex Education in Religiously Affiliated High SchoolsBremer, Thomas S.; Hautot, Claire
2014-John_Manchester-Stranger_in_My_Own_Hometown-Bremer.pdf.jpg2014Stranger in My Own Hometown: Chips Moman and the Forgotten Story of American StudiosBremer, Thomas S.; Manchester, John M.