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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013_spring_ART_326 (Coonin).pdf.jpg1/9/2013ART 326-01, Northern Renaissance Art, Spring 2013Coonin, Victor
2000_sp_ART_328-01_063281.pdf.jpg2008-06-18T17:24:42ZART 328-01, Baroque Art. Spring 2000Coonin, Victor
2006_spring_ART_328-01_20127.pdf.jpg2008-01-28T20:26:13ZART 328-01, Baroque Painting from Caravaggio to Rembrandt, Spring 2006Coonin, Victor
2008-spring_ART_328-01_28257.pdf.jpg2008-01-29T16:26:24ZART 328-01, Baroque Painting from Caravaggio to Rembrandt, Spring 2008Coonin, Victor
2012_spring_ART_328 (Coonin).pdf.jpg1/11/2012ART 328-01, Baroque Painting from Caravaggio to Rembrandt, Spring 2012Coonin, Victor
2008_spring_ART_356-01_28258.pdf.jpg2008-01-29T16:22:16ZART 356-01, Michelangelo, Spring 2008Coonin, Victor
2005_spring_ART_365-01_20127.pdf.jpg1/12/2005ART 365-01, Art and Architecture in the Most Serene City, Spring 2005Coonin, Victor
2001_sp_ART_365-01_063651.pdf.jpg1/10/2001ART 365-01, Topics: Michelangelo, Spring 2001Coonin, Victor
2003_sp_ART_365-01.pdf.jpg1/16/2003ART 365-01, Topics: Museum Exhibition Italian Painting, Spring 2003Coonin, Victor
2007_fall_ART_485-01_18020.pdf.jpg2008-01-29T15:42:49ZART 485-01, Sculpture in Early Renaissance Florence, Fall 2007Coonin, Victor
2004_Fall_ART_485-01_10132.pdf.jpg2004-08-25T22:18:23ZART 485-01, Senior Seminar, Fall 2004Coonin, Victor
2000_sp_ART_412-01_064851.pdf.jpg2008-06-18T17:30:49ZART 485-01, Senior Seminar, Spring 2000Coonin, Victor
ART 485 (Coonin).pdf.jpg2011ART 485-01, Senior Seminar: Leonardo da VinciCoonin, Victor
Art 356 (Coonin).pdf.jpg1/12/2011ART-356, Michelangelo, Spring 2011Coonin, Victor
2000_sp_CHEM_180-01.pdf.jpg2000-01CHEM 180-01, The Art and Science of Early Italian Painting, Spring 2000Pendley, Bradford D.; Coonin, Victor
2012-Lila_Turner-Comparing_Museums-Coonin.pdf.jpg2012Comparing Museums: Why Economics and Entrepreneurship Are Important to Art MuseumsCoonin, Victor; Turner, Lila
2012-Megan_Doolin-Ethos-Coonin.pdf.jpg2012Ethos: What is (y)our American Dream?Coonin, Victor; Doolin, Megan (Megg)
2012-David_Ash-Guarding_a_Citys_Soul-Coonin.pdf.jpg2012Examining the Brooks Museum's "Soul of a City" in Light of the Aesthetics of Hans Georg GadamerCoonin, Victor; Ash, David
2011-Amy_Aughinbaugh-The_McCall_Controversy-Coonin.pdf.jpg2011The McCall Controversy: A Look into Art and Politics of 1940s MemphisCoonin, Victor; Aughinbaugh, Amy
2011-Anne_Weems-The_Origins_of_a_Permanent_Collection-Coonin.pdf.jpg2011The Origins of a Permanent Collection: An Account of the Early History of the Brooks Memorial Art Gallery under the Direction Florence McIntyreCoonin, Victor; Weems, Anne