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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001_sp_HIST_101-04_381014.pdf.jpg2001-01-10HIST 101-04, Introduction to Historical Investigation: Postwar America 1945-1963, Spring 2001Garceau-Hagen, Dee
2000_sp_HIST_103-03_381033.pdf.jpg2000-01-12HIST 103-01, Introduction to Historical Investigation: Post-World-War II America 1945-1963, Spring 2000, Spring 2000Garceau-Hagen, Dee
2012_spring_HIST_105-03_22369.pdf.jpg2012-01-11HIST 105-03, The Mormons in the American WestGarceau-Hagen, Dee
1999_fall_HIST_151-02_381512.pdf.jpg1999-08-26HIST 151-02, The Americas From Colonial Times to 1877, Fall 1999Garceau-Hagen, Dee
1999_sp_HIST_152-02_381522.pdf.jpg1999-01-13HIST 152-02, American Society Since 1877, Spring 1999Garceau-Hagen, Dee
2008_sp_HIST_200-01-02_28418.pdf.jpg2008-04-01T22:16:49ZHIST 200-01 and 02, The hHstorians's Craft, Spring 2008Garceau-Hagen, Dee
2007_fall_HIST_200-01_Garceau).pdf.jpg2007-08-22HIST 200-01, The Historian's Craft: Methods and Appraoches to Historical Investigation, Fall 2007Garceau-Hagen, Dee
1999_fall_HIST_203-01_382031.pdf.jpg1999-08-26HIST 203-01, Women in the American West, Fall 1999Garceau-Hagen, Dee
2013_Spring_HIST 205_01_23367.pdf.jpg2013-01-09HIST 205-01, Native American Legends and Historical Realities, Spring 2013Garceau-Hagen, Dee
2005_fall_HIST_205-03_10762.pdf.jpg2008-03-13T19:11:14ZHIST 205-03, Women in Nineteenth-CenturyAmerica, Fall 2005Garceau-Hagen, Dee
2000_sp_HIST_218-01_382181.pdf.jpg2000-01-12HIST 218, Native america and American History, Spring 2000Garceau-Hagen, Dee
1999_sp_HIST_218-01_382181.pdf.jpg1999-01-13HIST 218-01, "These People From the Unknown World": Native America and American History, Spring 1999Garceau-Hagen, Dee
2000_sp_HIST_223-01_382231.pdf.jpg2000-01-12HIST 223-01, Interpretive Issues in American Women's History, spring 2000Garceau-Hagen, Dee
2012_Fall_HIST 232_01_13519.pdf.jpg2012-08-22HIST 232-01, The United States in the Nineteenth Century, Fall 2012Garceau-Hagen, Dee
2007_sp_HIST_232-01.pdf.jpg2007-01-10HIST 232-01, The United States in the Nineteenth Century, Spring 2007Garceau-Hagen, Dee
2005_fall_HIST_232-02_10326.pdf.jpg2008-03-13T19:25:00ZHIST 232-02, United States in the Nineteenth Century, Fall 2005Garceau-Hagen, Dee
2012_Fall_HIST 233_03_13842.pdf.jpg2012-08-22HIST 233-03, U.S. in the 20th Century, Fall 2012Garceau-Hagen, Dee
2001_sp_HIST_245-01_382451.pdf.jpg2001-01-15HIST 245-01, Interpretive issues in American Women's History, Spring 2001Garceau-Hagen, Dee
2009_fall_HIST_250-01_10233.pdf.jpg2009-08-26HIST 250-01, Gender in Nineteenth-Century America, Fall 2009Garceau-Hagen, Dee
2011_Fall_HIST 250_01_12356.pdf.jpg2011-08-24HIST 250-01, Gender in the Nineteenth-Century America, Fall 2011Garceau-Hagen, Dee