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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-Phoebe_Strom-Defining_Dixie-Hughes.pdf.jpg2013Defining Dixie: Southern Political Discourse in Country MusicHughes, Charles L.; Strom, Phoebe
20170801_Henderson_Thigpen.JPG.jpg2017-08-01Henderson Thigpen, 2017Thigpen, Henderson; Kollath, Jeff; Hughes, Charles L.
2013_Spring_HIST 105_01_23361.pdf.jpg2013-01-09HIST 105-01, Elvis Presley and America, Spring 2013Hughes, Charles L.
2012_Fall_HIST 205_01_13763.pdf.jpg2012-08-22HIST 205-01, Memphis and the Mississippi Delta, Fall 2012Hughes, Charles L.
2013_Spring_HIST 405_03_23371.pdf.jpg2013-01-09HIST 405-03, Collecting Memphis Histories, Spring 2013Hughes, Charles L.
20160722_Hunter_Johnston.JPG.jpg2016-07-22Hunter Johnston, 2016Hughes, Charles L.; Johnston, Hunter
201807_Hannah_McCarty_RIRS_paper.pdf.jpg2018-07-01Ideologies of Control: Understanding the Discourse of Intimate Partner Violence in MemphisHughes, Charles L.; McCarty, Hannah E.
20050225_Jesse_Motley.png.jpg2005-02-25Jesse Motley, 2005Hughes, Charles L.; Motley, Jesse
20121201_John_Paul_Keith.PNG.jpg2012-12-01John Paul Keith, 2012Keith, John Paul; Whitehorn, Molly; Hughes, Charles L.
20130206_Marcela_Pinilla.PNG.jpg2013-02-06Marcela Pinilla, 2013Pinilla, Marcela; Whitehorn, Molly; Hughes, Charles L.
2016-Scaife_Adrian-Memphis_Made-Hughes.pdf.jpg2016Memphis Made: Four Decades of Vietnamese Identity in the City of Good AbodeHughes, Charles L.; Scaife, Adrian J.
2016-Hudson_Adlee-Memphis_Pigs-Hughes.pdf.jpg2016Memphis PigsHughes, Charles L.; Hudson, Adlee H. (Hope)
20170623_Natalie_Rosenberg.jpg.jpg2017-06-23Natalie Rosenberg, 2017Hughes, Charles L.; Kollath, Jeff; Rosenberg, Natalie
2017_Brian_Mykulyn.pdf.jpg2017Nowhere to Go: An Exploration of LGBTQ Youth Homelessness in MemphisHughes, Charles L.; Mykulyn, Brian
20160926_Percy_Wiggins.jpg.jpg2016-09-26Percy Wiggins, 2016Hughes, Charles L.; Wiggins, Percy
201807_Alea_Curry_RIRS_paper.pdf.jpg2018-07-01Spotlighting African-American Liberation and Resistance in Black TheatreHughes, Charles L.; Curry, Alea L.
2013-Della_Hebert-Strangers_in_Their_Own_Land-Hughes.pdf.jpg2013Strangers in Their Own Land: The Mississippi Band of Choctaw IndiansHughes, Charles L.; Halbert, Adelaide (Della)
20160714_Susan_Mackenzie.JPG.jpg2016-07-14Susan Mackenzie, 2016Hughes, Charles L.; Mackenzie, Susan
20040827_the_Temprees_Jerry_Calvin_Calvin_and_Scott.jpg.jpg2004-09-01The Temprees, 2004Hughes, Charles L.; The Temprees; Calvin, Deljuan (Del); Calvin, Jerry (JC); Scott, Harold
2014-Christian_Baum-To_Know_Man_as_Man-Hughes_and_Siracusa.pdf.jpg2014To Know Man as Man: Progressive Dreams and Provincial Realities at Southwestern College in the Year of the Sanitation StrikeHughes, Charles L.; Siracusa, Anthony C. III; Baum, Christian N.