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2013-Carrie_Cobb-The_Drumbeat_of_Memphis-Johnson.pdf.jpg2013The Drumbeat of Memphis: Reducing Youth Handgun Violence One Child, One Gun, and One Community at a TimeJohnson, Leigh M.; Cobb, Carrie L.
2011-Sarah_Holland_Bacot-How_to_Say_Gay-Johnson.pdf.jpg2011How to Say Gay: An Analysis of the Relationship Between Queer Theory and the Modern LGBT Rights MovementJohnson, Leigh M.; Bacot, Sarah
2011-Jack_Clark-The_Human_Right_to_Education-Johnson.pdf.jpg2011The Human Right to Education: Exploring the right and showing how the right is being violated in the Memphis City SchoolsJohnson, Leigh M.; Clark, Jack
2011-Ben_Curtis-Owning_our_Understanding_of_Property_Rights-Johnson.pdf.jpg2011Owning our Understanding of Property Rights: Coupling Marx's Critique of Capitalist Political Economy and Butler's Understanding of Community within a Kantian Moral FrameworkJohnson, Leigh M.; Curtis, Benjamin (Ben)
2008_sp_PHIL_150-01_28576.pdf.jpg2008-04-02T16:55:28ZPHIL 150-01, Social and Political Philosophy, Spring 2008Johnson, Leigh M.
2008_sp_PHIL_250-01_28460.pdf.jpg2008-04-02T17:20:21ZPHIL 250-01, Feminist Philosophy, Spring 2008Johnson, Leigh M.
2007_fall_PHIL_250-01.pdf.jpg2007-08-22PHIL 250-01, Philosophy of Race, Fall 2007Johnson, Leigh M.
2008_sp_PHIL_315-01_28462.pdf.jpg2008-04-02T17:25:44ZPHIL 315-01, Nineteenth Century Philosophy, Spring 2008Johnson, Leigh M.
2012-Tanner_Evins-What_Makes_a_Memphian_a_Memphian-Johnson.pdf.jpg2012What Makes a Memphian a Memphian? An Existential AnalysisJohnson, Leigh M.; Evins, Tanner
2013-Andrea_Tedesco-What_You_Dont_Know_Can_Hurt_You-Johnson.pdf.jpg2013What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You: The Skewed Logic and Problems Within Abstinence-Only EducationJohnson, Leigh M.; Tedesco, Andrea L.
2012-Omolola_Ajayi-Who_is_the_Man_in_the_Mirror-Johnson.pdf.jpg2012Who is the Man in the Mirror? : Homosexuality, Blackness, and the Complexities of Intersectional IdentityJohnson, Leigh M.; Ajayi, Omolola M.
2012-Ryley_Erhardt-You_May_Not_Get_There_With_Me-Johnson.pdf.jpg2012You May Not Get There With Me: How the Memphis Civil Rights Movement Left the LGBTQ Community BehindJohnson, Leigh M.; Erhardt, Ryley