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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
OPE-21_033.jpg.jpg1973-04-20"Judge Orders Brinegar To Decide On I-40"Lollar, Michael
OPE-20_002_front.jpg.jpg1972-01-06"Judge Orders Review of Park Route; Ruling Keeps I-40 Controversy Alive"Lollar, Michael
OPE-18_033.jpg.jpg1971-10-29"Lewis Says He Believes I-40 Design Will Minimize Overton Park Harm"Lollar, Michael
OPE-18_009.jpg.jpg1971-10-13"Nixon Officials Cut Plan To Depress Park Route, Says Johnson-Era Chief"Lollar, Michael
OPE-21_001.jpg.jpg1972-01-05"North I-240 Route Easily Clears Hurdle"Lollar, Michael
OPE-26_012.jpg.jpg1976-08-19"Overton Battle Lines Drawn Again But Now Longer Siege Is Promised"Lollar, Michael
OPE-18_004_front.jpg.jpg1971-10-06"Overton's Value Sags In Testimony"Lollar, Michael
OPE-29_016.jpg.jpg1977-10-01"Park Action Brings Sorrow, Joy"Lollar, Michael
OPE-18_011_front.jpg.jpg1971-10-14"Park Backers Submit Plans To Tunnel Overton Freeway"Lollar, Michael
OPE-17_013.jpg.jpg1971-07-31"Park Expressway Foes Given Wide Legal Path"Lollar, Michael
OPE-18_018.jpg.jpg1971-10-20"Park Plaintiffs' Point Has Merit, Judge Says"Lollar, Michael
OPE-18_016.jpg.jpg1971-10-19"Park Route Foes Shun Convenience"Lollar, Michael
OPE-20_031.jpg.jpg-"Park Route Hearing Growls on in Nine Hours of Argument"Lollar, Michael
OPE-26_016.jpg.jpg1976-08-22"Park Route Hearings Find Little New"Lollar, Michael
OPE-19_002.jpg.jpg1971-09-02"Park Routing Called 'Legal but Unwise'"Lollar, Michael
OPE-18_001.jpg.jpg1971-10-01"Planning Expert Offers Alternate Park Routes"Lollar, Michael
OPE-18_015_front.jpg.jpg1971-10-17"Pollard Defends Choosing Park Route"Lollar, Michael; Gardner, Richard
OPE-28_002.jpg.jpg1977-01-08"Prosecutor Allows Little Middle Ground"Lollar, Michael
OPE-19_005.jpg.jpg1971-11-03"Rambling Raccoons Enter I-40 Park Case"Lollar, Michael
OPE-19_016.jpg.jpg1971-11-23"Remand Refusal Asked in Park Suit"Lollar, Michael