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2009-Sarah_Rogers-The_Beginnings_of_Public_Education-Moreland.pdf.jpg2009The Beginnings of Public Education in Rural Tennessee During the Reconstruction Period: A Look at the Schools at Ames Plantation in Fayette County, TNMoreland, Milton C.; Rogers, Sarah
2013-Rene_Sanchez-Browning_Bluff_City-Moreland.pdf.jpg2013Browning Bluff City: Hispanic Business, Culture, and Memory in MemphisMoreland, Milton C.; Sánchez, Rene
2006-Lora_Terry-Burying_the_Peculiar_Institution-Moreland.pdf.jpg2006Burying the Peculiar Institution: An Analysis of West Tennessee Slave Culture and Religion through CemeteriesMoreland, Milton C.; Terry, Lora
2012-Jessica_Newman-The_Category_Imperative-Moreland.pdf.jpg2012The Category Imperative: Sex, Gender, and Illusions of DifferenceMoreland, Milton C.; Newman, Jessica (Jess)
2007-Dustin_Sump-Cotton_or_Corn-Moreland.pdf.jpg2007Cotton or Corn: the Antebellum Farmer’s Dilemma in Fayette County and on the Ames Land BaseMoreland, Milton C.; Sump, Dustin
2010-Katie_Yewell-Deconstructing_the_Myth-Moreland.pdf.jpg2010Deconstructing the Myth: Understanding what Antebellum Life was really like through a close study of Ames Plantation in Fayette County, Tennessee, 1820-1860Moreland, Milton C.; Yewell, Katherine (Katie)
2012-Annie_Bares-From_Soul_Food_to_Whole_Foods-Moreland.pdf.jpg2012From Soul Food to Whole Foods: The Soul Food Restaurant in Memphis TodayMoreland, Milton C.; Bares, Annie
2009-Amy_Bower-A_Guide_to_Historic_Ceramics-Moreland.pdf.jpg2009A Guide to Historic Ceramics in the Antebellum SouthMoreland, Milton C.; Bower, Amy
2013-Huntley_Hudgins-I_Am_Not_a_Disease-Moreland.pdf.jpg2013“I Am Not a Disease; I Am Just Me and A Fun Person to Dance With” A Study of Rhodes College Gay HistoryMoreland, Milton C.; Hudgins, Huntley
2006-Allison_Brown-In_Defense_of_Noarmalcy-Moreland.pdf.jpg2006In Defense of Normalcy: The Financial and Legal Statuses of Widows in Antebellum Fayette County, TennesseeMoreland, Milton C.; Brown, Allison
2010-William_Bruce-Invetigating_the_Cultural_Identity-Moreland.pdf.jpg2010Investigating the Cultural Identity of a Pre-historic Habitation Site at Ames PlantationMoreland, Milton C.; Bruce, William
2009-Cailin_Meyer-Land_Value_Patterns_in_Ames_Plantation-Moreland.pdf.jpg2009Land Value Patterns in Ames Plantation, Fayette County, Tennessee: 1825-1860Moreland, Milton C.; Meyer, Cailin E.
2014-Tiegst_Ameha-My_Memphis-Moreland.pdf.jpg2014My Memphis: How Neighborhoods in Transition and Transitioning through Neighborhoods Shape IdentityMoreland, Milton C.; Ameha, Tiegst J.
2006-Jason_Jordan-Origins_and_Endings-Moreland.pdf.jpg2006Origins and Endings: Share Labor and the Economic Effects of Emancipation on the Ames Plantation in Fayette County, TennesseeMoreland, Milton C.; Jordan, Jason
2008-Hannah_Spirrison-Profitablity_and_Slave_Treatement-Moreland.pdf.jpg2008Profitability and Slave Treatment in West TennesseeMoreland, Milton C.; Spirrison, Hannah
2012-Emily_Sulivan-Progressive_Initiatives-Moreland.pdf.jpg2012Progressive Initiatives in Memphis City Schools’ Health/Wellness Curriculum: An examination of the relatively liberal yet stunted MCS sexual education instructionMoreland, Milton C.; Sullivan, Emily
2004_fall_RELS_101-01.pdf.jpg2008-04-16T00:31:46ZRELS 101-01, Introduction to the Biblical Tradition, Fall 2004Moreland, Milton C.
2006_fall_RELS_101-03-04.pdf.jpg2008-06-10T19:34:23ZRELS 101-03 and 04, The Bible: Texts and Contexts, Fall 2006Moreland, Milton C.
2008-Sybil_Fortner-Slave_Relationships-Moreland.pdf.jpg2008Slave Relationships and Their Manipulation of Ethnic IdentityMoreland, Milton C.; Fortner, Sybil
2011-Andrew_Grissom-Traces_of_a_Forgotten_Church-Moreland.pdf.jpg2011Traces of a Forgotten Church: Exploring the historical context behind Andrew‟s Chapel at Ames PlantationMoreland, Milton C.; Grissom, Andrew