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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010_fall_HIST_456-01_11267.pdf.jpg2010-08-25HIST 456-01, Cold War Americam, Fall 2010Saxe, Robert F.
2015-Ian_Hunley-Into_the_Political_Thicket-Saxe.pdf.jpg2015Into the Political Thicket: Baker v. Carr & the Origins of Judicial ReapportionmentSaxe, Robert F.; Hunley, Ian R.
2010-Kimberly_Harn-Just_Policy-Saxe.pdf.jpg2010Just Policy?: The Limitations of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency‘s Environmental Justice Strategy During the Clinton AdministrationSaxe, Robert F.; Harn, Kimberly
2011-Jane_Barrilleaux-A_Legacy_of_Lies-Saxe.pdf.jpg2011A Legacy of Lies: The Clinton Administration and the Rwandan GenocideSaxe, Robert F.; Barrilleaux, Jane
2009-Jon_Schwartz-President_Clintons_Gun_Control_Myth-Saxe.pdf.jpg2009President Clinton’s Gun Control Myth: A Missed Opportunity to Protect AmericansSaxe, Robert F.; Schwartz, Jonathan (Jon)
2010-John_Pevy-Priority_Home-Saxe.pdf.jpg2010Priority; Home?: How Despite Massive Federal Funding the Memphis Government Still Managed to Short Change The HomelessSaxe, Robert F.; Pevy, John
2008-Aline_Cresswell-PTO_Revisions_of_the_Examination_Guidelines-Saxe.pdf.jpg2008PTO Revisions of the Examination Guidelines during the Clinton Administration: Exposing the Biotechnological Rips in the Legal FabricSaxe, Robert F.; Cresswell, Aline
2011-Mimi_Dunn-Segregation_by_Any_Other_Name-Saxe.pdf.jpg2011Segregation by Any Other Name: Central High School and Integration in American MemorySaxe, Robert F.; Dunn, Mary (Mimi)
2017_Roger_Johnson.pdf.jpg2017“To Wear the Livery of a State that Distrusts Us” African American Militias and Disenfranchisement in Memphis 1878-1892.Saxe, Robert F.; Johnson, Roger
2008-Taylor_Barnes-An_Unprecedented_Conversation-Saxe.pdf.jpg2008“An Unprecedented Conversation”: The Limits of President Clinton's Advisory Board on RaceSaxe, Robert F.; Barnes, Taylor E.
2009-Elizabeth_Steen-When_Liabailities_Become_Assets-Saxe.pdf.jpg2009When Liabilities Become Assets: Investigating Brownfields Redevelopment and Its Correlation to Economic and Environmental Sustainable DevelopmentSaxe, Robert F.; Steen, Elizabeth
2015-Katie_Jakovich-You_Have_to_be_a_Radical-Saxe.pdf.jpg2015“You Have to be Radical to Change a Radically Sick Society:” Robert R. Church, Jr., Maxine Smith, and the Memphis NAACP’s Shift to Direct ActionSaxe, Robert F.; Jakovich, Katelyn I. (Katie)