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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20110402_Alan_Ulmer.PNG.jpg2011-04-02Alan Ulmer, 2011Ulmer, Alan; Bass, John B. III; Bonefas, Suzanne
2014-Gunter_Gaupp-Blues_Isnt_All_About-Bass.pdf.jpg2014“Blues Isn’t All About Some Guy Sitting on a Corner”: An Examination of Blues Music and Culture Through the Lens of Mississippi Blues FestivalsBass, John B. III; Gaupp, Gunter R.
20130211_Buck_Hutchenson.PNG.jpg2013-02-11Buck Hutchenson, 2013Hutchenson, Buck; Hughes, Paulette (Gayle); Bass, John B. III
20130410_Charles_White.JPG.jpg2013-04-10Charles White, 2013White, Charles; Whitehorn, Molly; Bass, John B. III
2015-Johnson_Allie-Classically_Memphis-Bass.pdf.jpg2015Classically Memphis: The Story of Classical Musicians in Memphis Recording StudiosBass, John B. III; Johnson, Allie G.
20120803_Cyd_Mosteller.PNG.jpg2012-08-03Cyd Mosteller, 2012Mosteller, Cyd; Harpole, Zachary (Zach); Bass, John B. III
2011-Will_Lang-Dr_Herman_Washington_Green-Bass.pdf.jpg2011Dr. Herman Washington Green: an Extraordinary Man and His MusicBass, John B. III; Lang, William (Will)
2013-Molly_Whitehorn-Echoes_of_Memphis-Bass.pdf.jpg2013Echoes of MemphisBass, John B. III; Whitehorn, Molly M.
2012-Alex_Piazza-Folklorist_John_Quincy_Wolf_Jr-Bass.pdf.jpg2012Folklorist John Quincy Wolf Jr.: From the Ozarks to MemphisBass, John B. III; Piazza, Alex
2016Grit and GrooveBass, John B. III; McCullough, Bradford E.
20131122_Harold_Mabern.JPG.jpg2013-11-22Harold Mabern, 2013Mabern, Harold; Whitehorn, Molly; Bass, John B. III
2012-Alex_Nollan-James_Jimmie_Lunceford-Bass.pdf.jpg2012James “Jimmie” Lunceford: The Father of Jazz EducationBass, John B. III; Nollan, Alexander (Alex)
20140223_Jody_Stephens.JPG.jpg2014-02-23Jody Stephens, 2014Stephens, Jody; Whitehorn, Molly; Bass, John B. III
2015-Isabel_Wittman-Julia_Raine-Bass.pdf.jpg2015Julia Raine: The Forgotten Rose of MemphisBass, John B. III; Wittman, Isabel
2017_Nathan_Robinson.pdf.jpg2017Keep The Tradition Alive: An Examination of Division in the Memphis Music SceneBass, John B. III; Robinson, Nathan
2012Alex_Wilkerson-Manassas_in_the_1950s-Bass.pdf.jpg2012Manassas in the 1950s: Cultivating a Jazz TraditionBass, John B. III; Wilkerson, Blake (Alex)
201807_Marcus_Tate_RIRS_synthesizer_front.jpg.jpg2018-07-01Memphis Electronic Music: Finding Soul in the Age of Lifeless MachinesBass, John B. III; Tate, Marcus
2015-Ethan_Jones-MidSouth_Folk_Project-Bass.pdf.jpg2015MidSouth Folk ProjectBass, John B. III; Jones, Ethan W.
2017_Sean_Moore.pdf.jpg2017Not Contemporary to Me: Memphis Churches and the Power of Musical ReformationsBass, John B. III; Moore, Sean
2011-Ben_Walsh-A_Period_of_Rapid_Evolution_in_Bass_Playing-Bass.pdf.jpg2011A period of rapid evolution in bass playing and its effect on music through the lens of Memphis, TNBass, John B. III; Walsh, Benjamin (Ben)