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2007-Sarah_Eldridge-Burnet_Corwin_Tuthill-Blankenship.pdf.jpg2007Burnet Corwin Tuthill: The Unique Life of an EducatorBlankenship, Carole C.; Eldridge, Sarah
2009-Cameron_Goodman-A_Comprehensive_Typological_Analysis_of_Black_Religious_Activism-Blankenship.pdf.jpg2009A Comprehensive Typological Analysis of Black Religious Activism in the Civil Rights MovementBlankenship, Carole C.; Goodman, Cameron
2009-Josie_Holland-Dr_William_Herbert_Brewster-Blankenship.pdf.jpg2009Dr. William Herbert Brewster: Gospel ComposerBlankenship, Carole C.; Holland, Josie
2012_FALL_FYWS_151_08_13558.pdf.jpg2012-08-22ENGL 151-08, First Year Writing Seminar: Twentieth Century American Music and Politics, Fall 2012Blankenship, Carole C.
2011_FALL_FYWS_151_13_12730.pdf.jpg2011-08-25ENGL 151-13, First Year Writing Seminar: Twentieth Century American Music and Politics, Fall 2011Blankenship, Carole C.
2007-Lindsey_Cloud-The_Governments_Child-Blankenship.pdf.jpg2007The Government’s Child: the WPA Band in MemphisBlankenship, Carole C.; Cloud, Lindsey
2008-Zach_Glover-The_International_Blues_Challenge-Blankenship.pdf.jpg2008The International Blues Challenge: Before, Then, and NowBlankenship, Carole C.; Glover, Robert (Zach)
2008-Alison_Morrell-The_Life_of_Memphis_Opera_Houses-Blankenship.pdf.jpg2008The Life of Memphis Opera Houses: 1880-1910Blankenship, Carole C.; Morrell, Alison
2008-Pamela_Palmer-Lucie_E_Campbell_Williams-Blankenship.pdf.jpg2008Lucie E. Campbell-Williams: A Legacy of Leadership through the GospelBlankenship, Carole C.; Palmer, Pamela
2004_fall_MUS_101-03.pdf.jpg2004-08-20MUS 101-03, A Sound Experience, Fall 2004Blankenship, Carole C.
2001_fall_MUS_161-03_10414.pdf.jpg2008-03-03T20:25:26ZMUS 161-03, Applied Voice, Fall 2001Blankenship, Carole C.
2004_fall_MUS_161-03_10432.pdf.jpg2008-02-21T23:47:54ZMUS 161-03, Applied Voice, Fall 2004Blankenship, Carole C.
PROGRAM Blankenship Larsen Braga 2012.pdf.jpg2012-01-30Program - Faculty Concert Series: Carole C. Blankenship, soprano and Tom Bryant, piano (1/30/2012)Blankenship, Carole C.
2009-Kayla_Miller-The_Tip_of_the_Iceberg-Blankenship.pdf.jpg2009The Tip of the Iceberg: A preliminary exploration of the life and influences of Reverend Dr. William Herbert BrewsterBlankenship, Carole C.; Miller, Kayla