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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
OPE-30_023.jpg.jpg1977-11-19"Blanton Won't Propose I-40 Tunnel"Cunningham, Morris
OPE-16_009.jpg.jpg1971-01-16"Bridwell Denies City Decided On I-40 Route"Cunningham, Morris
OPE-22_034_p1.jpg.jpg1974-12-18"Brinegar Resignation Could Snarl I-40 Case"Cunningham, Morris
OPE-22_028_p1.jpg.jpg1974-10-06"Brinegar To Push I-40 Ruling"Cunningham, Morris
OPE-24_048_p1.jpg.jpg1975-12-03"Coleman OK's Tunnel; Blanton Voices Doubt"Cunningham, Morris
OPE-16_019.jpg.jpg1971-03-19"Compiling Task Readied In Park Case"Cunningham, Morris
OPE-22_016.jpg.jpg1974-04-26"Dunn Move Spurs Tunnel Plan For I-40"Cunningham, Morris
OPE-21_017.jpg.jpg1973-09-06"Environmentalists Strengthened"Cunningham, Morris
OPE-16_002.jpg.jpg1971-01-05"Expressway Backers Align Legal Paths"Cunningham, Morris
OPE-28_022.jpg.jpg1977-04-21"Foes Expect I-40 Park Route Defeat"Cunningham, Morris
OPE-25_003.jpg.jpg1976-02-06"Hearings On I-40 Are Slated Here"Cunningham, Morris
OPE-16_012_01.jpg.jpg1971-03-03"High Court Orders Full Review of Overton Park Freeway Case"Cunningham, Morris
OPE-16_006.jpg.jpg1971-01-12"Hoffa Loses High Appeal, Faces Longer Jail Term; Overton Route Defended"Cunningham, Morris
OPE-23_004.jpg.jpg1975-07-31"I-40 'Open-Cut' Design Rejected by Brinegar; 3 Alternatives Offered"Cunningham, Morris
OPE-30_020.jpg.jpg1977-11-18"It's a Tunnel or Nothing, State Told"Cunningham, Morris
OPE-21_044.jpg.jpg1973-06-21"It's the State's Turn In Expressway Game"Cunningham, Morris; Bennett, William
OPE-22_003.jpg.jpg1974-02-05"Jaycees Push For I-40 Through Overton Park"Cunningham, Morris
OPE-15_015.jpg.jpg1970-12-18"Long Court Route For I-40 Is Safer, Mitchell Advises"Cunningham, Morris
OPE-30_017.jpg.jpg1977-11-17"New 'Covered' Design Urged For Park Route"Cunningham, Morris
OPE-30_016.jpg.jpg1977-11-16"Overton Park Will Be Topic of Discussion"Cunningham, Morris