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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
bill farris.PNG.jpg1982-05-14Bill Farris, City Commissioner, 1982Farris, William (Bill); Faist, Thomas
charles dickens.PNG.jpg1982-04-05Charles Dinkins, 1982Dinkins, Charles L.; Faist, Thomas
20150408_Coby_Smith.PNG.jpg2015-04-08Coby Smith, 2015Smith, Coby V.; Faist, Thomas
coby smith.PNG.jpg1983-09-19Coby Smith, Invader and Southwestern alum, 1983Smith, Coby V.; Faist, Thomas
downing pryor.PNG.jpg1982-05-04Downing Pryor, first President of the City Council, 1982Pryor, Downing; Faist, Thomas
lucius burch.PNG.jpg1982-05-11Lucius Burch, Memphis attorney, 1982Burch, Lucius E., Jr., 1912-1996; Faist, Thomas
maxine smith.PNG.jpg1982-03-13Maxine Smith, Executive Secretary of the Memphis NAACP, 1982Smith, Maxine; Faist, Thomas
paul tudor jones.PNG.jpg1982-05-06Paul Tudor Jones, Urban League, 1982Jones, Paul Tudor; Faist, Thomas
james wax.PNG.jpg1983-09-20Rabbi James Wax, Civil Rights leader, 1983Wax, James A. (James Aaron), 1912-1989; Faist, Thomas
henry l starks.PNG.jpg1983-09-05Rev. Henry L. Starks, 1983Starks, Henry L.; Faist, Thomas
james jordan.PNG.jpg1982-09-04Rev. James Jordan, Beale Street Baptist Church, 1982Jordan, James A.; Faist, Thomas
samuel bill kyles.PNG.jpg1982-10-09Rev. Samuel Billy Kyles, People United to Save Humanity (PUSH), 1982Kyles, Samuel Billy; Faist, Thomas
ronald walter.PNG.jpg1983-09-19Ronald Walter, Chief Administrative Assistant to congressman Harold Ford, 1983Walter, Ronald; Faist, Thomas
roscoe dixon.PNG.jpg1982-03-03Roscoe Dixon, Operation Push, 1982Dixon, Roscoe; Faist, Thomas
walter armstrong.PNG.jpg1982-05-11Walter Armstrong, Board of Education President, 1982Armstrong, Walter P., Jr.; Faist, Thomas
warren lewis.PNG.jpg1983-10-04Warren Lewis, head of the Black Knights, 1983Lewis, Warren; Faist, Thomas
william johnson.PNG.jpg1982-02-22William Johnson, President of Memphis NAACP, 1982Johnson, William; Faist, Thomas