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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Barret_finial_repair_oct_17_2011 015.jpg.jpg2011-10-17Barret Library tower ready for new finialGates, Elizabeth E.
July 2011 057.jpg.jpg2011-07-21Beginnng construction of residence hallGates, Elizabeth E.
Portraits_02_2011 083.jpg.jpg2011-7-17Burrow Refectory lobby during 2011 renovation workGates, Elizabeth E.
Burrow_interior_archives_19891005_03.jpg.jpg1989-10-05The College Archives in 1989Gates, Elizabeth E.
Burrow_interior_archives_19990119_01.jpg.jpg1999-mm-ddCollege Archives in 1999Gates, Elizabeth E.
Burrow_interior_archives_19891005-01.jpg.jpg1989-10-05College Archives in the basement of Burrow LibraryGates, Elizabeth E.
Burrow_frontwalk_02_2011 082.jpg.jpg2011-7-25Construction of new entrance to Burrow Refectory, July 2011Gates, Elizabeth E.
WVillage_construction_site_redbud20110311_004.jpg.jpg2011-04-11Construction site for West VillageGates, Elizabeth E.
Barret_finial_repair_oct_17_2011 020.jpg.jpg2011-10-17Cranes ready to hoist new finial to top of BarretGates, Elizabeth E.
Barret_finial_July 29 2011 008.jpg.jpg2011-07-25Damaged finial covered by a tarpGates, Elizabeth E.
West Village_0110928 054.jpg.jpg2011-09-28Decorated fence surrounding West Village constructionGates, Elizabeth E.
Barret Library bunny visit_02.jpg.jpg2008-03-24The Easter Bunny visits Barret LibraryGates, Elizabeth E.
Burrow Refectory new entrance_20110907_045.jpg.jpg2011-09-07Entrance of Burrow RefectoryGates, Elizabeth E.
WVillage_construction_site_20110311_005.jpg.jpg2011-03-11Fence along south side of West Village siteGates, Elizabeth E.
Barret_tower_July 29 2011 005.jpg.jpg2011-07-29Finial on the Barret Library tower after lightning hitGates, Elizabeth E.
ITS_joby_party_2006.jpg.jpg2006-08-28Information Technology Services Reception for Joby Dion, 2006Gates, Elizabeth E.
dion_party_kirbys_2006.jpg.jpg2006-08-28Jan and Mike Kirby at Joby Dion's Farewell Party, 2006Gates, Elizabeth E.
dion_party_johnson_2006.jpg.jpg2006-08-28Joby Dion and Bob Johnson, 2006Gates, Elizabeth E.
dion_party_guests_3.jpg.jpg2007-11-16T21:26:43ZJoby Dion and guests, September 2006Gates, Elizabeth E.
dion_party_guests_2006.jpg.jpg2007-11-16T21:33:17ZJoby Dion and guests, September, 2006Gates, Elizabeth E.