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2005_sp_ENGL_151.pdf.jpg2005-01-12ENGL 151- , Critical Thinking and Writing, Spring 2005Haas, Judith P.
2002_fall_ENGL_151-01_15108.pdf.jpg2002-08-28ENGL 151-01, Reading and Writing Popular Culture, Fall 2002Haas, Judith P.
2003_sp_ENGL_151-04.pdf.jpg2003-01-15ENGL 151-04, Reading and Writing Popular Culture, Spring 2003Haas, Judith P.
2012_SPRING_FYWS_151_05_22330.pdf.jpg2012-01-11ENGL 151-05, First Year Writing Seminar: The Politics and Poetics of Food, Spring 2012Haas, Judith P.
2008_sp_ENGL_151-10_28136.pdf.jpg2008-03-31T21:41:39ZENGL 151-10, The Politics and Pleasure of Food, Spring 2008Haas, Judith P.
2013_FALL_ENGL_219_01_14523.pdf.jpg2013-08-22ENGL 219, Comparative Studies in Medieval Literature: Medieval Romance, Fall 2013Haas, Judith P.
2011_FALL_ENGL_219_01_12233.pdf.jpg2011-08-25ENGL 219-01, Comparative Studies in Medieval Literature: Medieval Romance, Fall 2011Haas, Judith P.
2014_FALL_ENGL_260_01_15274.pdf.jpg2014-08-27ENGL 260-01, Survey of British Literature I, Fall 2014Haas, Judith P.
2014_FALL_ENGL_260_02_15275.pdf.jpg2014-08-27ENGL 260-02, Survey of British Literature I, Fall 2014Haas, Judith P.
2009_FALL_ENGL_265_01_10219.pdf.jpg2009-08-26ENGL 265-01, Queer Identities and Queer Narratives, Fall 2009Haas, Judith P.
2010_FALL_ENGL_320_01_11102.pdf.jpg2010-08-25ENGL 320-01, Dante's Divine Comedy, Fall 2010Haas, Judith P.
2015_FALL_ENGL_320_01_16654.pdf.jpg2015-08ENGL 320-01, Medieval Literature of the 12th-15th Centuries - Dante's Divine Comedy, Fall 2015Haas, Judith P.
2014_SPRING_ENGL_325_01_24303.pdf.jpg2014-01-08ENGL 325, Chaucer, Spring 2014Haas, Judith P.
2009_SP_ENGL_380_01_29250.pdf.jpg2009-01-14ENGL 380-01, Dante in Translation: The Poetics of the Body, Spring 2009Haas, Judith P.
2013_spring_GSST_400_01_23343.pdf.jpg2013-01-09GSST 400-01, Feminist and Queer Theory, Spring 2013Haas, Judith P.
2004_fall_HUM_201-01.pdf.jpg2008-04-11T19:38:03ZHUM 201-01, The Search for Values in the Light of Western History and Religion, Fall 2004Haas, Judith P.
2006_fall_HUM 201-05.pdf.jpg2006-08-22HUM 201-05-06, Search: Literary Track, Fall 2006Haas, Judith P.
2005_sp_HUM_202-05.pdf.jpg2008-04-09T15:31:30ZHUM 202-05, Search for Values in the Light...., Spring 2005Haas, Judith P.
2005_fall_WOMS 400 - 01.pdf.jpg2008-01-08T21:28:33ZWMST 400, Feminist Theory, Fall 2005Haas, Judith P.