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OPE-20_032.jpg.jpg1972-09-16"155 Citizens Praise, Condemn Park Expressway Proposal At Public Hearing"Lollar, Michael
OPE-26_014.jpg.jpg1976-08-20"164 Voice Views On Overton's Future As State Completes Public Hearings"Lollar, Michael
OPE-29_036.jpg.jpg1977-10-09"Adams' Retrenchment Maintains Slight Hope For I-40's Completion"Lollar, Michael
OPE-18_036_front.jpg.jpg1971-10-30"Additional Two Weeks Of Hearings Possible In Overton Park Lawsuit"Lollar, Michael; Gardner, Richard
OPE-18_006.jpg.jpg1971-10-08"Alternatives Disruptive, Freeway Backers Say"Lollar, Michael
OPE-17_021.jpg.jpg1971-09-30"Appeals Court Rejects Park Route Foes' Efforts To Halt I-40 Paving"Lollar, Michael
OPE-19_007.jpg.jpg1971-11-04"Arguments on Park Routing End -- Remanding To Volpe is Hinted"Lollar, Michael
OPE-21_031.jpg.jpg1973-03-27"Brinegar Asks Ruling Stand In I-40 Case"Lollar, Michael
OPE-26_033.jpg.jpg1976-10-28"Coleman Steps Aside On Park Route"Lollar, Michael
OPE-18_031.jpg.jpg1971-10-28"Court Told Tunnels Through Park Would Be Record-Setting In Width"Lollar, Michael
OPE-17_025_front.jpg.jpg2017"Destruction 'For 100 Years' Seen As Overton Park Hearing Opens"Lollar, Michael
OPE-18_024.jpg.jpg1971-10-22"Engineer Defends Park Route, Labels Alternatives Disruptive"Lollar, Michael
OPE-18_028.jpg.jpg1971-10-27"Expert Says Park Route Pollution Won't Top Federal Safety Limits"Lollar, Michael
OPE-22_017.jpg.jpg1974-04-27"Expressway Bids Exceed Estimate"Lollar, Michael
OPE-18_005.jpg.jpg1971-10-07"Foes Of Overton Route Let Fly Ecology, Engineering Barrages"Lollar, Michael
OPE-30_031.jpg.jpg1977-12-23"Future Memphis, Chamber Forsake Park Route Stance"Lollar, Michael
OPE-25_027.jpg.jpg1976-07-09"Hearings Are Set On I-40's Future"Lollar, Michael
OPE-19_012.jpg.jpg1971-11-05"I-40 Foes Are Warned Alternative is Unproved"Lollar, Michael
OPE-17_022_front.jpg.jpg1971-09-29"I-40 Route Choice Through Park Blasted By Professional Planner"Lollar, Michael
OPE-21_032.jpg.jpg1973-04-19"Judge Brown Again Suggests Remanding Park, I-40 Case"Lollar, Michael