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2006-Scott_Bayer-The_Black_Votes_Impact_on_the_Descent_of_Boss_Crump_McKinney_C.pdf.jpg2006The Black Vote’s Impact on the Descent of Boss CrumpMcKinney, Charles W.; Bayer, Scott
2014-Lanier_Flander-Correcting_the_Constitutional_Crisis-McKinney.pdf.jpg2014Correcting the Constitutional Crisis and Corresponding “Culture of Criminalization” in the Memphis and Shelby County Juvenile CourtMcKinney, Charles W.; Flanders, Sarah L. (Lanier)
2013-Cecil_Brown-Everything_But_Deliberate_Speed-McKinney.pdf.jpg2013Everything But Deliberate Speed: Integration in Tunica County, MississippiMcKinney, Charles W.; Brown, Cecil
201807_Christal_Scott_RIRS_paper.pdf.jpg2018-07-01Examining the Shelby County Schools Optional Program: Barriers to Black Student Enrollment in Shelby County SchoolsMcKinney, Charles W.; Scott, Christal N.
2006-Tim_Pruitt-From_Anecdotes_to_Analyses-McKinney_C.pdf.jpg2006From Anecdotes to Analyses: A Look into Racial Profiling in Memphis Traffic StopsMcKinney, Charles W.; Pruitt, Timothy
2011-Mathew_Jehl-George_Lee-McKinney.pdf.jpg2011George Lee: An Unsung Civil Rights Activist in an Overshadowed MovementMcKinney, Charles W.; Jehl, Louis (Mathew)
Nonprofit_still_frame.JPG.jpg2018-07-01Good Intentions: A Look into Memphis's Nonprofit SectorMcKinney, Charles W.; Burkhead, Emily J.
2014-Sophia_Mason-Gordon_School-McKinney.pdf.jpg2014Gordon SchoolMcKinney, Charles W.; Mason, Sophia
201807_Brian_Burgess_RIRS_paper.pdf.jpg2018-07-01Growing the Pie: The Exploration of the Social Impacts of Black Owned Business in the Development of MemphisMcKinney, Charles W.; Burgess, Brian
2007_sp_HIST_105-01.pdf.jpg2007-01-10HIST 105-01, The African American Intellectual Tradition, Spring 2007McKinney, Charles W.
2006_sp_HIST_105-02.pdf.jpg2008-03-10T17:24:33ZHIST 105-02, Selected Topics in African American History, Spring 2006McKinney, Charles W.
2011_Fall_HIST 105_02_12371.pdf.jpg2011-08-24HIST 105-02, The African American Intellectual Tradition, Fall 2011McKinney, Charles W.
2007_fall_HIST_105-04_ (McKinney).pdf.jpg2007-08-22HIST 105-04, Selected Topics in African American History, Fall 2007McKinney, Charles W.
2010_fall_HIST_105-04_11218.pdf.jpg2010-08-25HIST 105-04, Selected Topics in African American History, Fall 2010McKinney, Charles W.
2009_spring_HIST_105-04_29307.pdf.jpg2009-01-14HIST 105-04, The African American Intellectual Tradtion, Spring 2009McKinney, Charles W.
2012_Fall_HIST 105_05_13501.pdf.jpg2012-08-22HIST 105-05, American History, American Music, Fall 2012Saxe, Robert F.; McKinney, Charles W.
2005_fall_HIST_105-05_10318.pdf.jpg2008-03-13T18:52:21ZHIST 105-05, The African American Intellectual Traditions, Fall 2005McKinney, Charles W.
2013_Spring_HIST 105_06_23366.pdf.jpg2013-01-09HIST 105-06, Selected topics in African American History, Spring 2012McKinney, Charles W.
2006_fall_HIST_233-01_17241.pdf.jpg2006-08-23HIST 233-01, The United States in the 20th Century, Fall 2006McKinney, Charles W.
2010_spring_HIST_233-01_20165.pdf.jpg2010-01-13HIST 233-01, The United States in the 20th Century, Spring 2010McKinney, Charles W.