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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008_sp_ENGL_151-03_28127.pdf.jpg2008-03-31T21:18:27ZENGL 151-03, The Figure of the Citizen, Spring 2008Newstok, Scott L.
2012_SPRING_FYWS_151_11_22336.pdf.jpg2012-01-11ENGL 151-11, First Year Writing Seminar: Overton:Memphis and the History of Urban Parks, Spring 2012Newstok, Scott L.
2009_FALL_ENGL_190_02_10204.pdf.jpg2009-08-26ENGL 190-02, Shakespeare on Screen, Fall 2009Newstok, Scott L.
2008_fall_ENGL_190_03_19482.pdf.jpg2008-08-27ENGL 190-03, Shakespeare on Screen, Fall 2008Newstok, Scott L.
2011_FALL_ENGL_230_01_12237.pdf.jpg2011-08-25ENGL 230-01, Shakespear's Major Plays, Fall 2011Newstok, Scott L.
2012_SPRING_ENGL_230_01_22756.pdf.jpg2012-01-11ENGL 230-01, Shakespear's Major Plays, Spring 2012Newstok, Scott L.
2008_sp_ENGL_230-01_Newstok.pdf.jpg2008-02-25T21:55:37ZENGL 230-01, Shakespeare's Major Plays, Spring 2008Newstok, Scott L.
2015_FALL_ENGL_230_01_16647.pdf.jpg2015-08ENGL 230-01, Shakespeare, Fall 2015Newstok, Scott L.
2014_SPRING_ENGL_230_01_24298.pdf.jpg2014-01-08ENGL 230-01, Shakespeare, Spring 2014Newstok, Scott L.
2015_SPRING_ENGL_230_01_25315.pdf.jpg2015-01-14ENGL 230-01, Shakespeare, Spring 2015Newstok, Scott L.
2010_SPRING_ENGL_230_01_20595.pdf.jpg2010-01-13ENGL 230-01/02, Shakespeare's Major Plays, Spring 2010Newstok, Scott L.
2007_fall_ENGL_230-02.pdf.jpg2008-02-22T20:33:27ZENGL 230-02, Shakespeare's Major Plays, Fall 2007Newstok, Scott L.
2008_sp_ENGL_230-01_28639.pdf.jpg2008-03-31T21:54:12ZENGL 230-02, Shakespeare's Major Plays, Spring 2008Newstok, Scott L.
2014_SPRING_ENGL_230_02_24299.pdf.jpg2014-01-08ENGL 230-02, Shakespeare, Spring 2014Newstok, Scott L.
2015_FALL_ENGL_260_01_16836.pdf.jpg2015-08ENGL 260-01, Survey of British Literature I, Fall 2015Newstok, Scott L.
2014_FALL_ENGL_265_01_15276.pdf.jpg2014-08-27ENGL 265-01, Special Topics: Essaying Education, Fall 2014Newstok, Scott L.
2015_FALL_ENGL_265_01_16648.pdf.jpg2015-08ENGL 265-01, Special Topics: Shakespeare & Classical Comedy, Fall 2015Newstok, Scott L.
2015_SPRING_ENGL_322_01_25328.pdf.jpg2015-01-14ENGL 322-01, Renaissance Poetry & Prose, Dido's Tears, Spring 2015Newstok, Scott L.
2007_fall_ENGL_332.pdf.jpg2008-02-22T21:15:07ZENGL 332-01, Advanced Shakespeare Studies, Fall 2007Newstok, Scott L.
2012_FALL_ENGL_332_01_13141.pdf.jpg2012-08-22ENGL 332-01, Advanced Shakespeare Studies, Fall 2012Newstok, Scott L.