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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012_FALL_ENGL_202_01_13114.pdf.jpg2012-08-22ENGL 202-01, Introduction to Cinema, Fall 2012Richards, Rashna
2009_SP_ENGL_202_01_29235.pdf.jpg2009-01-14ENGL 202-01, Introduction to Cinema, Spring 2009Richards, Rashna
2015_FALL_ENGL_202_01_16644.pdf.jpg2015-08ENGL 202-01,02, Introduction to Cinema, Fall 2015Richards, Rashna
2009_FALL_ENGL_202_01_10209.pdf.jpg2009-08-26ENGL 202-01-02, Introduction to Cinema, Fall 2009Richards, Rashna
2011_FALL_ENGL_202_01_12229.pdf.jpg2011-08-25ENGL 202-01/02, Introduction to Cinema, Fall 2011Richards, Rashna
2011_SPRING_ENGL_202_01_21179.pdf.jpg2011-01-12ENGL 202-01/02, Introduction to Cinema, Spring 2011Richards, Rashna
2012_FALL_ENGL_202_02_13118.pdf.jpg2012-08-22ENGL 202-02, Introduction to Cinema, Fall 2012Richards, Rashna
2008_fall_ENGL_241_01_19489.pdf.jpg2008-08-27ENGL 241-01, From Hollywood to Planet Hollywood, American Cinema: History and Criticism, Fall 2008Richards, Rashna
2010_FALL_ENGL_241_01_11092.pdf.jpg2010-08-25ENGL 241-01, From Hollywoodland to Planet Hollywood: History of American Cinema, Fall 2010Richards, Rashna
2013_FALL_ENGL_245_01_14527.pdf.jpg2013-08-22ENGL 245, Documentary Cinema, Fall 2013Richards, Rashna
2010_SPRING_ENGL_245_01_20597.pdf.jpg2010-01-13ENGL 245-01, Chick Flicks and Macho Movies: Gender Genre and American Cinema, Spring 2010Richards, Rashna
2015_SPRING_ENGL_245_01_25316.pdf.jpg2015-01-14ENGL 245-01, Introduction to Cinema, Spring 2015Richards, Rashna
2013_FALL_ENGL_381_01_14541.pdf.jpg2013-08-22ENGL 381, Film Remakes, Fall 2013Richards, Rashna
2013_SPRING_ENGL_381_01_23293.pdf.jpg2013-01-09ENGL 381-01, American Television, Spring 2013Richards, Rashna
2011_FALL_ENGL_381_01_12283.pdf.jpg2011-08-25ENGL 381-01, Hitchcock and Hitchcockians, Fall 2011Richards, Rashna
2009_SP_ENGL_381_01_29253.pdf.jpg2009-01-14ENGL 381-01, The Good Old Days: Fifities American Cinema, Spring 2009Richards, Rashna
2010_FALL_ENGL_381_01_11109.pdf.jpg2010-08-25ENGL 381-01, The Good Old Days: Fifties American Cinema, Fall 2010Richards, Rashna
2008_fall_ENGL_381_02_19500.pdf.jpg2008-08-27ENGL 381-01, Tough Guys, Dangerous Dames, and Streets With No Name: American Film Noir, Fall 2008Richards, Rashna
2011_SPRING_ENGL_381_01_21203.pdf.jpg2011-01-12ENGL 381-01, Tough Guys, Dangerous Dames, and Streets with No Name: American Film Noir, Spring 2011Richards, Rashna
2009_FALL_ENGL_382_01_10244.pdf.jpg2009-08-26ENGL 382-01, Film Theory, Fall 2009Richards, Rashna