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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009_Fall_ENGL_151_11_10195.PDF.jpg2009-08-26ENGL 151-11, Thinking Through Argument: Critical Reading and Writing, Fall 2009Shaffer, Brian W.
1998_fall_ENGL_261-01.pdf.jpg1998-08-26ENGL 261-01, Survey of Enlish Literature II, Fall 1998Shaffer, Brian W.
2015_SPRING_ENGL_363_01_25331.pdf.jpg2015-01-14ENGL 363, Topics in Twentieth-Century British Literature, Contemporary Irish Drama: Mirror Up To a NationShaffer, Brian W.
2007_sp_ENGL_363.PDF.jpg2008-01-17T20:57:29ZENGL 363-01, Great Expectations: The ModernShaffer, Brian W.
2012_FALL_ENGL_363_01_13151.pdf.jpg2012-08-22ENGL 363-01, James Joyce's Dubliners in Context, Fall 2012Shaffer, Brian W.
2015_FALL_ENGL_363_01_16658.pdf.jpg2015-08ENGL 363-01, Topics in Twentieth-Century British Literature - Staging “The Troubles”: Politics and War in Twentieth-Century Irish Theater and Film, Fall 2015Shaffer, Brian W.
1999_sp_ENGL_363-01.pdf.jpg2008-02-28T21:31:50ZENGL 363-01, Twentieth Century British Literature, Spring 1999Shaffer, Brian W.
2005_fall_ENGL_363-01.pdf.jpg2005-08-29ENGL 363-01, Twentieth-Century Literature, Fall 2005Shaffer, Brian W.
2004_fall_ENGL_371-01.pdf.jpg2004-08-25ENGL 371-01, Modern Fiction, Fall 2004Shaffer, Brian W.
1998_fall_ENGL_371-01.pdf.jpg1998-08-26ENGL 371-01, Modern Fiction: The problematic narrator, Fall 1998Shaffer, Brian W.
2010_SPRING_ENGL_380_01_20607.pdf.jpg2010-01-13ENGL 380-01, Great Expectations: The Modern Novel of Development, Spring 2010Shaffer, Brian W.
2010_FALL_ENGL_380_01_11107.pdf.jpg2010-08-25ENGL 380-01, James Joyce's Dubliners in Context, Fall 2010Shaffer, Brian W.
2011_SPRING_ENGL_380_01_21200.pdf.jpg2011-01-12ENGL 380-01, The Problematic Narrator in Modern Fiction, Spring 2011Shaffer, Brian W.
2011_FALL_ENGL_380_02_12282.pdf.jpg2011-08-25ENGL 380-02, Great Expectations: The Coming of Age Novel, Fall 2011Shaffer, Brian W.
2001_sp_ENGL_385-01_263851.pdf.jpg2001-01-10ENGL 385-01, the Modern Novel of Development, Spring 2001Shaffer, Brian W.
2014_SPRING_ENGL_485_01_24316.pdf.jpg2014-01-08ENGL 485, Senior Seminar:Twentieth-Century Irish Drama, Spring 2014Shaffer, Brian W.
2008_fall_ENGL_485_02_19047.pdf.jpg2008-08-27ENGL 485-02, Critical Theory and Methodology, Fall 2008Shaffer, Brian W.
2014_FALL_ENGL_485_02_15289.pdf.jpg2014-08-27ENGL 485-02, Senior Seminar: Twentieth-Century Irish Drama, Fall 2014Shaffer, Brian W.