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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
opener_1_1996.jpg.jpg1996Ben Ball '99 and Jeff Millings '99 helping move new students in the residence halls.Shepard, Martha Hunter; Espinosa, Enrique
Bryan_hall 7B_1996.jpg.jpg1996Bryan Campus Live Center, 1996Shepard, Martha Hunter; Sullivan, Susan McLain
diehl award_orvis_1996.jpg.jpg1996Charles (Chuck) Orvis receives the Diehl Society Award, 1996Shepard, Martha Hunter; Espinosa, Enrique
PF_Life_movingin_091985.JPG.jpg1985-09John Marr moving in to residence hall in 1985Shepard, Martha Hunter
1996_john_planchon.jpg.jpg1996John PlanchonShepard, Martha Hunter
1996_eidmiller_lara_volleyball.jpg.jpg1996Lara Eidemiller holding a volleyball, 1996Shepard, Martha Hunter; Jones, Steve
1996_antoni_sculpture_lick_and_lather.jpg.jpg1996Lick and Lather, soap and chocolate, Janine Antoni's sculpture.Shepard, Martha Hunter
1996_mark_mcmahon.jpg.jpg1996Mark McMahon returns to teachingShepard, Martha Hunter
1996_montminy_renee_goodbye.jpg.jpg1996Renee Montiny says goodbye to her MomShepard, Martha Hunter; Espinosa, Enrique
2002_spring_cover.jpg.jpg2002-03-15Rhodes Spring 2002, Volume 09, Number 02Shepard, Martha Hunter
1994_fall_cover.jpg.jpg1994-10-15Rhodes, Fall 1994, Volume 01, Number 03Shepard, Martha Hunter
1995_fall_cover.jpg.jpg1995-10-15Rhodes, Fall 1995, Volume 02, Number 04Shepard, Martha Hunter
1996_fall_cover.jpg.jpg1996-10-15Rhodes, Fall 1996, Volume 03, Number 04Shepard, Martha Hunter
1997_fall_cover.jpg.jpg1997-10-15Rhodes, Fall 1997, Volume 04, Number 04Shepard, Martha Hunter
1998_fall_cover.jpg.jpg1998-10-15Rhodes, Fall 1998, Volume 05, Number 04Shepard, Martha Hunter
1999_fall_cover.jpg.jpg1999-10-15Rhodes, Fall 1999, Volume 06, Number 04Shepard, Martha Hunter
2000_fall_cover.jpg.jpg2000-10-15Rhodes, Fall 2000, Volume 07, Number 04Shepard, Martha Hunter
2001_fall_cover.jpg.jpg2001-10-15Rhodes, Fall 2001, Volume 08, Number 04Shepard, Martha Hunter
2002_fall_cover.jpg.jpg2002-10-15Rhodes, Fall 2002, Volume 09, Number 04Shepard, Martha Hunter
2003_fall_cover.jpg.jpg2003-10-15Rhodes, Fall 2003, Volume 10, Number 04Shepard, Martha Hunter