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1990_Bio_Honorable_Russell_B_Sugarmon_788_1.jpg.jpg1990Biography of Honorable Russell B. Sugarmon, General Session Civil Judge, Division IVSugarmon, Russell B., Jr.
Biographical_Sketch_of_Russell_Sugarmon_786.jpg.jpg-Brief Biographical Sketch of Russell B. Sugarmon, Jr. (First)Sugarmon, Russell B., Jr.
Biographical_Sketch_of_Russell_Sugarmon_787.jpg.jpg-Brief Biographical Sketch of Russell B. Sugarmon, Jr. (Second)Sugarmon, Russell B., Jr.
19760501_Sugarmon_Election_Poster_716.jpg.jpg1976-05-01Flyer to Elect Russell B. Sugarmon, Jr. to County CourtSugarmon, Russell B., Jr.
19610706_Letter_from_Claude_Armour_to_Maceo_Walker_773.jpg.jpg1961-07-06Letter from Claude A. Armour Jr. Commissioner of Fire & Police to Mr. A. Maceo WalkerArmour, Claude A., Jr.; Sugarmon, Russell B., Jr.
19620420_Letter_from_Claude_Armour_to_Russell_Sugarmon_692.jpg.jpg1962-04-20Letter from Claude A. Armour, Commissioner of Fire & Police to Mr. Russell B. Sugarmon, Jr., AttorneyArmour, Claude A.; Sugarmon, Russell B., Jr.
19660110_Letter_from_Russell_Sugarmon_to_Fellow_Tennesseans_796.jpg.jpg1966-01-10Letter from R. B. Sugarmon, Jr., Chairman Tennessee Voters' Council to Fellow TennesseansSugarmon, Russell B., Jr.
19600111_Letter_from_Russell_Sugarmon_to_Paul_Butler_720.jpg.jpg1960-01-11Letter from Russell B. Sugarmon Jr. to Paul ButlerSugarmon, Russell B., Jr.
1964_Campaign_Letter_from_Russell_Sugarmon_and_AW_Willis_713.jpg.jpg1964Letter from Russell B. Sugarmon, Jr. and A. W. Willis, Jr. to Fellow CitizensSugarmon, Russell B., Jr.; Willis, A. W., 1925-1988
Letter_from_Russell_Sugarmon_to_Maxine_Smith_790.jpg.jpg-Letter from Russell B. Sugarmon, Jr. to Maxine SmithSugarmon, Russell B., Jr.; Smith, Maxine
Letter_from_Al_Gore_Sr_to_Russell_Sugarmon_663_print_1.jpg.jpg1961-11-06Letter from Russell B. Sugarmon, Jr., Attorney to Hon. Albert C. GoreSugarmon, Russell B., Jr.; Gore, Al, 1948-
19621124_Letter_from_Russell_Sugarmon_to_Wade_Sides_695_1.jpg.jpg1962-11-24Letter from Russell B. Sugarmon, Jr., Attorney to Mr. Wade H. Sides, Jr.Sugarmon, Russell B., Jr.
sugarmon.PNG.jpg1969-04-21Russell and Gina Sugarmon, Tennessee State Senator, 1969Sugarmon, Russell B., Jr.; Sugarmon, Gina; Yellin, David G.; Yellin, Carol Lynn; Beifuss, Joan Turner
19941201_Russell_Sugarmon_Work_Experiences_792.jpg.jpg1994-12-01Russell B. Sugarmon Work ExperiencesSugarmon, Russell B., Jr.
20070523_Russell_Sugarmon.JPG.jpg2007-05-23Russell B. Sugarmon, 2007Sugarmon, Russell B., Jr.; Davis, Francesca; Holly, James