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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
ben branch.PNG.jpg1968-08-15Ben Branch, Eye Witness to MLK Assassination, 1968Branch, Ben; Beckner, Tom; Thomas, Bill; Beifuss, Joan Turner
Bill Ross.JPG.jpg1968-06-04Bill Ross, Memphis AFL-CIO Labor Council, June 4th 1968Ross, Bill; Beifuss, Joan Turner; Thomas, Bill
Bobby Doctor.JPG.jpg1968-06-17Bobby Doctor, U.s. Civil Rights Commission, 1968Doctor, Bobby; Thomas, Bill; Yellin, David G.
calvin taylor.PNG.jpg1968-08-17Calvin Taylor, Organizer of the Black Militants, 1968Taylor, Calvin; Vier, Jerry; Thomas, Bill
Dan Kuykendall.JPG.jpg1968-08-30Dan Kuykendall, U.S Congressman, 1968Yellin, David G.; Thomas, Bill
Ed Gillis.JPG.jpg1968-06-02Ed Gillis, Memphis Public Works Dept. Employee, 1968Gillis, Ed; Yellin, David G.; Thomas, Bill
frank miles.PNG.jpg1968-09-14Frank Miles, Mediator for Memphis Sanitation Strike, 1968Miles, Frank; Thomas, Bill; Yellin, David G.; Beifuss, Joan Turner
Harry Wooodbury.JPG.jpg1968-08-07Harry Woodbury, Memphis City Dir. Of Public Service, 1968Woodbury, Harry, 1918-; Thomas, Bill; Mitchell, Henry
jacques wilmore.PNG.jpg1968-06-12Jacques Wilmore, Field Dir. U.S. Civil Rights Commission, 1968Wilmore, Jacques E.; Yellin, David G.; Thomas, Bill; Yellin, Carol Lynn
James McGinnis.JPG.jpg1968-07-20James McGinnis, National Guardsman, 1968McGinnis, James B.; Beifuss, Joan Turner; Thomas, Bill
john spence.PNG.jpg1968-06-16John Spence, U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, 1968Spence, John; Yellin, David G.; Thomas, Bill
L.C. Reed.JPG.jpg1968-07-15L.C. Reed, Sanitation Dept. Employee, 1968Reed, L.C.; Thomas, Bill
Lewis Berry.JPG.jpg1968-08-05Lewis Berry, Eye Witness to the Shooting of Larry Payne, 1968Berry, Lewis; Beckner, Tom; Thomas, Bill
Maxine Smith.JPG.jpg1968-06-13Maxine Smith, Memphis NAACP, 1968Smith, Maxine; Beifuss, Joan Turner; Thomas, Bill
harold middlebrook.PNG.jpg1968-07-18Rev. Harold Middlebrook and Grant Harvey, COME, 1968Middlebrook, Harold; Harvey, Grant; Beifuss, Joan Turner; Thomas, Bill
James Lawson July 1968.JPG.jpg1968-07-01Rev. James Lawson, SCLC and COME, 1968Yellin, David G.; Thomas, Bill; Lawson, James M., 1928-
Ralph Jackson.JPG.jpg1968-05-24Rev. Ralph Jackson, COME and African Methodist Episcopal Church, 1968Jackson, H. Ralph; Yellin, David G.; Trotter, Anne; Thomas, Bill; Lowe, Joe
S.B. Kyles.JPG.jpg1968-06-12Rev. Samuel "Billy" Kyles, Eye Witness to MLK Assassination, 1968Kyles, Samuel Billy; Beifuss, Joan Turner; Thomas, Bill; Yellin, David G.
Robert James.JPG.jpg1968-05-09Robert "Bob" James, Memphis City Council Member, 1968James, Robert "Bob"; Yellin, David G.; Thomas, Bill
Sam Weintraub Sept 1968.JPG.jpg1968-09-01Sam Weintraub Part 1, Head of Memphis NLRB, 1968Weintraub, Sam; Yellin, David G.; Thomas, Bill