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BW_tn.JPG.jpg2007-11-16Brenda Webber and Russ Wigginton, StoryCorps Interview in 2007Webber, Brenda; Wigginton, Russell Thomas
20170705_Russ_Wigginton.JPG.jpg2017-07-05Dr. Russell T. Wigginton, 2017Wigginton, Russell Thomas; Threatt, Brittney M.; Jones, Zaria D.
1998_fall_HIST_208-01_382081.pdf.jpg1998-08-18HIST 151-02, United States History to 1877, Fall, 1998Wigginton, Russell Thomas
2000_sp_HIST_152-03_381523.pdf.jpg2000-01-12HIST 152-01, United States History Since 1877, Spring 2000Wigginton, Russell Thomas
1999_sp_HIST_152-03_381523.pdf.jpg1999-01-13HIST 152-03, United States History Since 1877Wigginton, Russell Thomas
2001_sp_HIST_205-01_382051.pdf.jpg2001-01-10HIST 205-01, African-Americans Through Sports, Spring 2001Wigginton, Russell Thomas
1998_fall_HIST_211-01_382111.pdf.jpg1998-08-18HIST 211-01, Introduction to African-American History, Fall 1998Wigginton, Russell Thomas
2001_sp_HIST_233-01_382332.pdf.jpg2001-01-10HIST 233-01, United States in the Twentieth Century, Spring 2001Wigginton, Russell Thomas
2001_sp_HIST_243-01_382431.pdf.jpg2001-01-15HIST 243-01, Slavery in the United States, Spring 2000Wigginton, Russell Thomas
2000_sp_HIST_250-01_382501.pdf.jpg2000-01-12HIST 250-01 and 02, African American Work Coulture, Spring 2000Wigginton, Russell Thomas
1999_sp_HIST_250-01_382501.pdf.jpg1999-01-13HIST 250-01, Slavery in the United States, Spring 1999Wigginton, Russell Thomas
1999_sp_HIST_250-04_382504.pdf.jpg1999-01-13HIST 250-04, African-American Work Culture in the US, Spring 1999Wigginton, Russell Thomas
2006_fall_HIST_305-02_17249.pdf.jpg2006-08-23HIST 305-02, African Americans Through Sports, Fall 2006Wigginton, Russell Thomas
1998_fall_HIST_350-01_383501.pdf.jpg1998-08-26HIST 350-01, The Civil Rights Movement, Fall 1998Wigginton, Russell Thomas
1998_fall_HIST_350-02_383502.pdf.jpg1998-08-26HIST 350-02, The Age of Fascism, 1919-1945, Fall 1998Wigginton, Russell Thomas
Jessie Garner.jpg.jpg2007-11-16Jesse Garner and Russ Wigginton, StoryCorps Interview, 2007Garner, Jesse J.; Wigginton, Russell Thomas
JM_tn.JPG.jpg2007-11-16Jimmy McClain and Russ Wigginton, StoryCorps Interview, 2007McClain, Jimmy; Wigginton, Russell Thomas
RB_tn.JPG.jpg2007-11-16Raymond Boles and Russ Wigginton, StoryCorps Interview, 2007Boles, Raymond; Wigginton, Russell Thomas