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Gayoso_02_36_001.jpg.jpg1858-02-18Receipt for painting rooms of the Gayoso House-
Gayoso_02_35_001.jpg.jpg1858-03-31Bill and Receipts from A. Moeller for reparations on the Gayoso House-
Gayoso_02_34_001.jpg.jpg1858-04-12John Meaighan and Sons Receipt-
Gayoso_02_33_001.jpg.jpg1858-08-04Letter from P.H. Hammarskold regarding Brickwork measurements-
Gayoso_02_32_001.jpg.jpg1859-05-16Contract between Robertson Topp and John Rix-
Gayoso_02_31_001.jpg.jpg1859-05-30Receipt of Robertson Topp estimating the work done by John Rix-
Gayoso_02_28_001.jpg.jpg1859-06-23Receipt for Robertson Topp for paving in front on Gayoso House-
Gayoso_02_27_002.jpg.jpg1859-05-21Receipt to Robertson Topp from John Rix-
-Poster for Club EbonyClub Ebony (Memphis, Tenn.)
19620922_Club_Handy_Rental_Contract_Marquett_Social_Club_117846.jpg.jpg1962-09-21Club Handy Rental Contract with Marquetts Social Club, 1962The Marquetts Social Club; Mitchell, Andrew "Sunbeam"
1967_Club_Handy_Curly_Vending_Invoice_Curly_117806.JPG.jpg1905-05-20Invoice for Curly's Vending Co., 1967Club Handy (Memphis, Tenn.)
Johnny_Adams_Photograph_117815.jpg.jpg-Photograph of Johnny AdamsShaw Artists Corporation
Bill_Hill_Colt_Booking_Agency_letter_117831.jpg.jpg-Letter from Colt Booking AgencyHill, Bill Jr.
19620812_Club_Handy_Rental_Contract_Kingsmen_Social_Club_117842.jpg.jpg1962-08-12Club Handy Rental Contract with Kingsmen Social Club, 1962Kingsmen Social Club; Mitchell, Andrew "Sunbeam"
19501002_Letter_to_Andrew_Mitchell_from_Sam_Plough_117796.jpg.jpg1950-10-02Letter to Andrew Mitchell from Sam Plough, 1950Plough, Sam; Mitchell, Andrew "Sunbeam"
19590520_Andrew_Mitchell_Envelope_117802.JPG.jpg1959-05-20Envelope Addressed to Andrew Mitchell, 1959Mitchell, Andrew "Sunbeam"
19620528_Joe_Henderson_Band_Contract_Elks_Club_117943.jpg.jpg1962-05-28Contract for Joe Henderson, 1962Martin, Jobie; Henderson, Joe, 1937-2001
19490405_Beale_Ave_Amusement_Co_Financial_Records_117779.jpg.jpg1949-09-05Beale Avenue Amusement Co. Financial Records, 1949Beale Avenue Amusement Co.
19590309_Mitchell_Order_for_Contract_Blanks_117799.jpg.jpg1959-03-09Letter to Andrew Mitchell from Talmadge Dickson, 1959Dickson, Talmadge F.; Mitchell, Andrew "Sunbeam"
19391214_Palace_Theatre_Booking_Confirmation_117783.jpg.jpg1939-12-14Palace Theatre Booking Confirmation ft. Flying G-Men #2, 1939Columbia Pictures Corporation
19391228_Palace_Theatre_Booking_Confirmation_117784.jpg.jpg1939-12-28Palace Theatre Booking Confirmation ft. Flying G-Men #3, 1939Columbia Pictures Corporation
19400111_Palace_Theatre_Booking_Confirmation_117785.jpg.jpg1940-01-11Palace Theatre Booking Confirmation ft. Flying G-Men #4, 1940Columbia Pictures Corporation
1939-12-14Daisy Theatre Booking Confirmation ft. Overland with Kit Carson #5, 1939Columbia Pictures Corporation
19391130_Daisy_Theatre_Booking_Confirmation_117808.jpg.jpg1939-11-30Daisy Theatre Booking Confirmation ft. Overland with Kit Carson #4, 1939Columbia Pictures Corporation
19391203_Palace_Theatre_Booking_Confirmation_117798.jpg.jpg1939-12-03Palace Theatre Booking Confirmation Mandrake the Magician #2, 1939Columbia Pictures Corporation
19391130_Palace_Theatre_Booking_Confirmation_117782.jpg.jpg1939-11-30Palace Theatre Booking Confirmation ft. Flying G-Men, 1939Columbia Pictures Corporation
19391116_Daisy_Theatre_Booking_Confirmation_117805.jpg.jpg1939-11-16Daisy Theatre Booking Confirmation ft. Overland with Kit Carson #3, 1939Columbia Pictures Corporation
Gayoso_02_26_001.jpg.jpg1859-06-15Receipt for paving in front of Gayoso House-
Gayoso_02_25_001.jpg.jpg1859-12-24List of names to cash for disbursement-
Gayoso_02_24_002.jpg.jpg1859-01-09Receipt for work done by D Williams & Co.-
19391119_Palace_Theatre_Booking_Confirmation_117797.jpg.jpg1939-11-19Palace Theatre Booking Confirmation ft. Mandrake the Magician #1, 1939Columbia Pictures Corporation
19391102_Daisy_Theatre_Booking_Confirmation_117803.jpg.jpg1939-11-02Daisy Theatre Booking Confirmation ft. Overland with Kit Carson #2, 1939Columbia Pictures Corporation
19391019_Daisy_Theatre_Booking_Confirmation_117800.jpg.jpg1939-10-19Daisy Theatre Booking Confirmation ft. Overland with Kit Carson #1, 1939Columbia Pictures Corporation
Gayoso_02_23_001.jpg.jpg1859-07-02Details on the painting of the Gayoso House-
Gayoso_02_22_001.jpg.jpg1860-04-28Cost of work done on Gayoso House from R. Topp to Brooks & Suggs-
Gayoso_02_21_002.jpg.jpg1860-06-02Receipt for repairs of the Gayoso House done by John Parry-
Gayoso_02_20_002.jpg.jpg1857Proposition For Painting part of Gayoso House from Henor Koch & Paulissen-
Gayoso_02_19_001.jpg.jpg1857Estimate for extra work done on the Gayoso House-
Gayoso_02_018.pdf.jpg1857Memorandum of the Cost of Gayoso-
Gayoso_02_17_001.jpg.jpg1859-05-16Agreement to pave sidewalk in front of the Gayoso House-
Gayoso_02_016.pdf.jpg1858Attempt to sell Gayoso: Suggested plan of Sale-
Gayoso_02_015.pdf.jpg1858Letter to Col. R. Topp about location for offices-
Gayoso_02_014.pdf.jpg1858-01-01Receipt for materials from H.F. Farnsworth & Co.-
Gayoso_02_13_002.jpg.jpg1858-06-03Bill and Receipt from Moore Halshead & Co.-
Gayoso_02_12_001.jpg.jpg1858-10-14Receipt from McGregor & Rankin-
Gayoso_02_11_002.jpg.jpg1857-10-21Contract with John H. Barton-
Gayoso_02_10_002.jpg.jpg1857Details of work done by J.C. Mills to the Gayoso House-
Gayoso_02_09_002.jpg.jpg1857Receipt sent to Robertson Topp from James Maydwell-
Gayoso_02_008.pdf.jpg1858-07-21Bill and Receipt from Chaves & Guion sent to Robertson Topp-
Gayoso_02_07_001.jpg.jpg1857-09-01Letter from William Apperly to R. Topp regarding plumbing work at the Gayoso Hotel-
Gayoso_02_06_001.jpg.jpg1857-07-03Instructions to R. Fletcher for purchasing certain articles for Gayoso-
Gayoso_02_05_001.jpg.jpg1857-07-01Letter to Robertson Topp regarding painting and glazing of the Gayoso House from Jones & Gagg-
Gayoso_02_04_001.jpg.jpg1859-08-29Article of Agreement between Robertson Topp and unreadable name-
Gayoso_02_03_001.jpg.jpg1854-02-14Deed in Trust from D. Cockrell to James P. Wood-
Gayoso_02_02_001.jpg.jpg1858Specifications for the workmanship and materials required for the Gayoso Hotel-
2017Patterned lacquer dish�-
2017Patterned lacquer dish�-
2017Patterned lacquer dish�-
2017Patterned lacquer dish�-
2017Patterned lacquer dish�-
2017Two lacquer bowls-
2017Lacquer container-
2017Large brown lacquer dish-
2017Brown lacquer bowl-
2017Small lacquer dish-
2017Small lacquer bowl�-
2017Large lacquer dish-
2017Patterned lacquer plate-
2017Patterned lacquer dish�-
2017Patterned lacquer dish�-
2017Single black lacquer plate 2-
2017Small lacquer dish-
2017Two black lacquer bowls�-
2017Black lacquer plate 2-
2017Black lacquer plate B-
2017Black lacquer plate A-
2017Brown Lacquer bowl-
2017Single black lacquer plate-
2017Green glass lamps-
2017Wood carved screen 1-
2017Green glass lamps-
2017Silk embroidery-
2017Asian painting-
2017Black lacquer plate 1-
2017Silk painting 2-
2017Black and gold Asian teapot-
2017Wood carved screen 2-
2017Silk painting-
2017Thailand Lacquer bowl�D-
2017Four lacquer bowls-
2017X_168_front.jpg.jpg2017Wooden camel-
2017X_171_front.jpg.jpg2017Seated buddha-
2017X_170_front.jpg.jpg2017Wooden figure of reclining woman-
2017X_169_top.jpg.jpg2017Wooden box �with carved designs-
2017X_167_top.jpg.jpg2017Wood stamp-
2017X_166_front.jpg.jpg2017Wooden deity carving-
2017Stone carving-
2017Stone tableau 2-
2017Stone bird 2-
2017Stone fish-