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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Twelfth_Night_225.jpg.jpg1986-05-18A Cast member from Twelfth Night-
Twelfth_Night_226.jpg.jpg1986-05-18Cast members of Twelfth Night-
Twelfth_Night_Lusk_230.jpg.jpg1986-05-18David Alan Lusk and an unidentified actor from Twelfth Night-
FSPC_TN_250.jpg.jpg2009-12-03T17:46:31ZDuke, Viola, Olivia, Priest, and companyHamilton, William, 1751-1801, del.; Starling, William Francis, fl. 1832-1883, sculp.
Twelfth_Night_magee_lilla_220.jpg.jpg1986-05-18Lilla Magee from the cast of Twelfth Night-
19860518_Twelfth_Night_magee_210.jpg.jpg1986-05-18Lilla Magee in Twelfth Night-
FSPC_TN_258.jpg.jpg2009-12-03T18:09:16ZMaria. Act 2, Scene 3.Meadows, (Joseph) Kenny, 1790-1874, del.; Cook, Henry, 1819-ca. 1890, sculp.
FSPC_TN_262.jpg.jpg2009-12-03T19:31:18ZMaria. Act 3. Scene 3Egg, Augustus Leopold, 1816-1863, del.; Egleton, William Henry, fl. 1833-1862, sculp.
Twelfth_Night_smith_mark-landon_221.jpg.jpg1986-05-18Mark-Landon Smith from the cast of Twelfth Night-
Twelfth_Night_228.jpg.jpg1986-05-18A member of the cast from Twelfth Night-
Twelfth_Night_carrico_charles_223.jpg.jpg1986-05-18Member of the cast of Twelfth Night-
19860518_Twelfth_Night_222.jpg.jpg1986-05-18Member of the cast of Twelfth Night-
FSPC_TN_244.jpg.jpg2009-12-03T17:24:00ZMiss Farren in OliviaBurney, Edward Francisco, 1760-1848, del.; Thornthwaite, John, sculp.
FSPC_TN_271.jpg.jpg2009-12-03T20:21:04ZMr. John Drew as Sir Andrew Ague-Cheek.-
FSPC_TN_269.jpg.jpg2009-12-03T20:06:28ZMr. W. Davidge as Malvolio.Bittlestone, W., sculp.; Meade, Charles Richard, 1826/7-1858, photographer; Meade, Henry William Matthew, 1823-(?) photographer
FSPC_TN_270.jpg.jpg2009-12-03T20:10:50ZMrs. Julia Bennett Barrow.-
FSPC_TN_251.jpg.jpg2009-12-03T17:49:48ZOlivia, Maria & MalvolioRamberg, Johann Heinrich, 1763-1840, del.; Starling, William Francis, fl. 1832-1883, sculp.
FSPC_TN_252.jpg.jpg2009-12-03T17:52:00ZOlivia, Viola & Maria.Hamilton, William, 1751-1801, del.; Starling, William Francis, fl. 1832-1883, sculp.
FSPC_TN_264.jpg.jpg2009-12-03T19:41:30ZOlivia. Act 1. Sc.5.Meadows, (Joseph) Kenny, 1790-1874, del.; Mote, William Henry, fl. 1830-1858, sculp.
19860518_Twelfth_Night_206.jpg.jpg1986-05-18A scene from Twelfth Night-